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Lindsey Morgan: Bio, Age, Movies, Net Worth, Parents & Boyfriend



Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Marie Morgan is an American actress. She is best known for starring as mechanic Raven Reyes on The CW science fiction drama series The 100, as well as her most recent role as Ranger Michelle “Micki” Ramirez on The CW’s Walker, a 2021 reboot of the television series Walker, Texas Ranger.

Lindsey Morgan Bio & Age

Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan age is 29. The Pisces actress has been in many television and film shows. She is part of the Pisces zodiac sign. She was born on February 27, 1990.


Parents were Kelly Burciaga and Alice Burciaga. Her older brothers are as well as half-sister and five step-siblings. She is a vocal feminist, and has been referred to as “a outstanding American woman.”

The actress, born in the year 1990, stands at 5′ 5″ and weights undetermined. She is wearing a dress size 8 and shoes of size 4. Lindsey Morgan will turn 30 in 2022.

Born under the zodiac signs of Pisces She has a status as the daughter of a Christian also a Pisces. Lindsey loves painting, dancing in addition to playing athletics. She is a well-known role model in the entertainment industry.


Lindsey Morgan Movies

The actress was raised in a set from The 100’s. Later, she began working on print ads as well as work on television shows. Her first film role was in Detention the 2011 cult meta-slasher, in which she played a villainous cheerleader.

Since then, she’s appeared in a variety of film and TV shows. She has also appeared on several comedy films for teens, such as Disconnected.

Since her debut as an actor in the film The 100 in 2012, Lindsey Morgan has been busy doing other projects. She played the lead role in Casa Vita in 2016 and appeared on Beyond Skyline, the sequel to the movie about aliens.


It received more favorable reception than the original film, and Morgan was promoted to lead in the sequel. The movie is expected to debut at the beginning of January in 2021.

If you’re looking to see Lindsey Morgan in action, make sure to look through her complete list of films!

Lindsey Morgan Net Worth

Lindsey Morgan has been making waves in the entertainment world since the year 2011. Her numerous film and television appearances have added to her wealth of $3 million. Inspired by Tom Hanks’ role in the film Big (1988), Morgan made the move from New York to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.


Within a little over a decade, she’s been gaining recognition in Hollywood and has been nominated for numerous awards. The net worth of her is expected to increase even more due to her rising fame.

Lindsey Morgan began her career at the age of university and is now an emerging superstar on the scene in Los Angeles. She was a part of an independent film called Lasso along with Sean Patrick and Andrew Jacobs.

She was later a guest in the popular television show “Happy endings” and is now active in social media websites. She has a net worth believed to be to be a few million dollars and her wealth is growing.


Apart from her acting profession, Lindsey Morgan has been an avid follower of social media. She has an impressive 52.4 thousand followers on Twitter.

Lindsey Morgan Parents

Parents were Kelly Burciaga and Alice Burciaga. Her older brothers are as well as half-sister and five step-siblings. She is a vocal feminist, and has been referred to as “a outstanding American woman.

Lindsey Morgan was born on 27 February, 1990 at Houston, Texas. She holds American nationality, and has Mexican and Irish origin. The youngest child of 7 siblings. The family she grew up with is credited for aiding her in staying connected to Latino culture.


Her brothers are twins as well as a half-sister. There are also five step-siblings. Lindsey Morgan’s parents were Mexican immigrants who came into the U.S. when she was six.

Despite their immigration status and their family’s financial situation, they managed to live on a budget and had three children.

Her mother was known to have a love for cooking, and she was raised on the ranch in Colorado. Alongside her acting career, she’s also appeared on a variety of TV shows.


Lindsey Morgan Boyfriend

The relationship remains at a crossroads, as neither side has made public plans to tie the knot at this point. But, the couple was seen together several times and even had a June 2012 dinner with a friend at Beverly Hills Deli Judi’s.

They haven’t spoken about their relationship since when, but we could be sure that they’re in a relationship. Here’s a review of Lindsey’s life. Shaun Anderson is Lindsey Morgan’s boyfriend in the hit CW drama “Walker

Shaun Anderson is the actor who plays the role as Adam Strange on Syfy’s ‘Krypton The CW’s ‘Krypton,’ has had various important roles throughout his lengthy career.


Although their relationship has been in the dark but they have been showing their love since the beginning of March.

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