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Lisa Ryder: Wiki, Age, Height & Networth




 Lisa Ryder: As a child, you may have already heard about her starring role in Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda. But what else do you need to know about her? Read on to learn about her height and age, and other interesting facts. You’ll be surprised! Read on to learn about Lisa Ryder’s background, achievements, and other interesting facts.

Lisa Ryder Wiki & Age


The Canadian actress Lisa Ryder was born on 26 October 1970 in Edmonton, Alberta. She grew up in Edmonton and began performing ballet at the Edmonton Studio of Ballet. Lisa Ryder age is 51 as of 2021. Ryder is a Scorpio and stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. She studied acting at the University of Toronto. Since her early days, she has been featured in films and television shows.


Here are a few facts about Lisa Ryder.Lisa Ryder is a Canadian actress best known for her role in Andromeda. She has also starred in the television series “Andromeda” as Beka Valentine.

The actress’ early years started with ballet, and she attended the University of Toronto. Later, she started acting professionally and founded her own production company, Bald Ego Productions. She has also worked as a writer and choreographer in local theatre productions. Her latest movie, “The Revenant,” was released in 2017.

Lisa Ryder Height

Canadian actress Lisa Ryder is 5 feet 8 inches tall. inches tall, which makes her a shorter than average tall woman. She is best known for her role as Beka Valentine in the hit television series Andromeda. She studied acting at the University of Toronto and founded Bald Ego Productions.


She also worked as a writer and choreographer for local theatre productions. Ryder’s height is a common question among fans, who are curious about the actress’ height.The actress was born in Canada, in Edmonton. She began performing ballet at the age of two at the Edmonton Studio of Ballet.

Her career as a performer and model began in high school and she continued studying at the University of Toronto. She has appeared in a number of films and television roles. As a child, Ryder studied acting at the University of Toronto. Her height is five feet, eight inches. Her height is not surprising given her slim build.

Lisa Ryder Bio

If you are looking for a brief biography of Lisa Ryder, you’ve come to the right place. This actress was born on October 26, 1970, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since then, she has become a well-known social media star, with many followers and millions of followers.


She frequently posts personal photos and videos, as well as engaging in conversations with her followers on social media. Here are some interesting facts about Ryder.Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Ryder is a Canadian actress and model. She landed a role on the science fiction series Andromeda, playing the part of Captain Rebeka Beka Valentine. Other film credits include Blackheart, Stolen Heart, and Strands.

Ryder also wrote and performed a one-woman play, “Put Me Away.” After making her film debut, she gained fame as Detective Tracy Vetter on the hit vampire drama Forever Knight. In the same year, she was cast on the sci-fi series Andromeda, which ended after 110 episodes.

Lisa Ryder Networth

The net worth of Lisa Ryder is unknown but it has been estimated that she has made over $50 million since the start of her career in 2005. She gained fame on social media as a star of the Andromeda television series and has garnered a large following of fans.


Her personal accounts are active and she shares a lot of her life experiences with her followers. Follow her on Twitter and you will find the latest updates on her net worth.The total net worth of Lisa Ryder is estimated to be $1 to $5 million as of 2021. The wealth of Lisa Ryder is derived from her multiple sources of income.

The actress has been married to actor Ari Cohen since 2010. Her career in the entertainment industry is a big source of her wealth, as she makes a good amount of money from different projects. However, her lifestyle is modest. It’s unclear if she has any children yet.

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