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Lisbon Money Heist : Gang Name Could Have Been Lima Star



Lisbon Money Heist

Lisbon Money Heist, who plays Lisbon in Money Heist, said that her character was almost named Lima. When Netflix bought up the Spanish heist series, which was created by Lex Pina in 2017, it ran for five seasons.

It featured the adventures of a gang of robbers led by The Professor (lvaro Morte), who served as the mastermind. The gang is initially only known by their code names, which are places from around the world, including Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Denver (Jaime Lorente), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Rio (Miguel Herrán), and Tokyo (rsula Corberó), who also narrates the storey.

Who is Lisbon Money Heist

Lisbon Money Heist
Itziar Ituo’s Raquel Murillo, who appears in every episode of Money Heist, is one of the most engaging characters during the series’ length. In seasons 1 and 2, she was sent to negotiate with the Professor during the group’s first heist, but she eventually fell in love with him and joined the gang in season 3. She chose the code name Lisbon, which is the capital of Portugal, as her code name. Stockholm (Esther Acebo), another new member who joined after falling in love with one of the thieves, is one of numerous new members.

Roster Con has released a video interview with Itziar Ituo, which was shot at the Money Heist-themed event The Hold Up Gang in Paris on January 8, 2022. When asked what name she would have given her character, she confessed that she named her character after herself. During a pre-season 3 interview, she was asked to choose a city name, and despite the writers “were wavering… between Lisbon and Lima,” they eventually settled on the name she had already chosen. Here’s the rest of the quote:

It appears that Ituo was the only actor allowed to choose her character’s code name due to the unique circumstances surrounding her character’s joining the gang. She was requested to come up with a code name because she was the only main character now affiliated with the gang who didn’t have one at the end of the first two seasons. Mónica Gaztambide, Esther Acebo’s hostage character and the only other character in the same situation, was given the code name Stockholm as a joke about her Stockholm syndrome.

Although Ituo may rue her decision not to visit Bilbao, the Money Heist authors’ sensitivity is demonstrated by the fact that they enabled her lighthearted interview to become an integral element of the performance. The series is a masterfully crafted robbery with plenty of twists and turns as well as drama. However, the show’s core has always had a sense of humour, which they certainly embraced when designing the third season’s new heist.

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