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Liz Peek Said Joe Biden Radical Plans Are Not Suitable For United States



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Liz peek : Here’s how we’re going to get everything back on track. America is in desperate need of a new Ronald Reagan.

Biden and the Democrats’ radical plans are unsuitable for the United States, according to Liz Peek

liz peek

Ronald Reagan defeated Democrat Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election, collecting 489 Electoral College votes to Carter’s 49.

Many causes contributed to the landslide triumph, including skyrocketing inflation, out-of-control welfare rolls, rising crime, and humiliating defeats at the hands of foreign foes.

Most importantly, voters thought the country was heading in the wrong direction. Does this ring a bell?


We’ve come full circle, six months into Joe Biden’s presidency. Despite a swiftly rebounding economy, consumer optimism is declining, with consumer confidence dipping to a five-month low in July.

Furthermore, Gallup polling finds that only 35% of those surveyed are “happy” with the country’s direction, up from an all-time low of 11% under Barack Obama but still far below where it should be, compared to 45 percent before the pandemic.

Why are Americans so pessimistic? Consider:

*Gunfire erupted at Nationals Park on Saturday night, sending baseball fans in Washington, D.C., diving under seats and into dugouts to escape the violence.

Three people were injured. D.C. police released video earlier in the day of a drive-by shooting in the city that killed a 6-year-old child and injured five others.

*US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has invited investigators from the United Nations Human Rights Council, one of the world’s most corrupt bodies, to investigate whether our country is racist.

The inevitable skewed report from the clandestine organisation, whose members include human rights violators China, Russia, and Cuba, will provide our foes with a propaganda victory of immense worth.

*To combat “misinformation,” Biden’s White House is working with Facebook to remove content that opposes vaccination.

This unholy connection between Big Tech and Biden’s Democrats, which was so successful in suppressing bad stories about Biden throughout the election, is finally exposed.

*The Biden administration is secretly transporting tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants to cities and towns across the United States, despite the fact that many of them are likely infected with COVID-19, and even as the White House threatens to go “door to door” to force Americans to take the vaccine.

*Democrats are attempting to pass a large $3.5 trillion budget measure with zero Republican support, which would provide significant cash to illegal immigrants and establish permanent new child and senior care welfare programmes.

The bill is a big payout to Democrat special interest groups like teachers unions and the SEIU, and it will drive government debt to previously unthinkable heights.

*For the first time in decades, the Cuban people are rising up in big numbers to seek liberation from a dictatorial system; Biden dithers, an American president reluctant to express his support for democracy and freedom.

Our elected officials appear willing to sabotage our country’s competitiveness and security – and appear unconcerned about the freedoms that are so vital to our success.

*Under the guise of climate change, the Biden White House is promoting policies that will obliterate one of our country’s most valuable competitive advantages: abundant, low-cost energy.

Limiting new oil and gas leasing, refusing to build pipelines, and offering massive subsidies for expensive renewable fuels would result in higher electricity bills and slower growth in the future.

*Inflation is increasing, and it is now above 5%. Consumers are concerned, but Federal Reserve Chairperson Jay Powell is unconcerned.

It’s no surprise that Americans are tense.

Many of us are unfamiliar with our own country. Individualism and self-reliance, among other essential virtues that have served the United States wonderfully for more than 200 years, are being abandoned in favour of an expanding welfare state.

Our elected officials appear willing to sabotage our country’s competitiveness and security – and appear unconcerned about the freedoms that are so vital to our success.

Americans’ trust in our institutions, according to Gallup, is eroding. Over the last year, public school confidence has plummeted, as has faith in television news and newspapers, which was already low.

Only the police received a boost in confidence out of the 16 institutions evaluated; people are aware that they have been misled.

Republicans have definitely misused the term “socialist” in the past to disparage Democratic policies, but the charge is growing more appropriate by the day.

Last year, total government spending as a percentage of GDP reached 44 percent, the highest level since World War II.

That begins to rival the expenditures of some “socialist” countries; for example, before COVID, Sweden’s share was 49 percent.

Democrats will argue that the economic harm caused by the pandemic justifies their spending spree; in fact, bipartisan bills passed in Congress last year totaled roughly $3 trillion, which helped our economy weather the COVID storm.

However, even though the economy was already rising at 6%, the Biden White House cannot explain the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which was passed with solely Democrat votes just a few months earlier.

They also can’t explain another $3.5 trillion in expenditure, which will almost certainly increase inflation.

Our country is being triumphantly “transformed” by Democrats. They seek to expand social services to include free college, child care, and geriatric care.

They want to pay for it all by raising taxes on the wealthy to ensure that they pay “their fair share,” despite the fact that the top 1% of earners pay 40% of all income taxes, the highest since 1980, and “six out of ten households receive more in direct government benefits than they pay in all federal taxes,” according to the Tax Foundation.

Democrats want to take our country even further down the road to a managed economy, decreasing work incentives, destroying productivity, and stifling the kind of success and growth that has propelled the US ahead of its European competitors.

That is something we cannot allow to happen.

Beginning in 1981, Ronald Reagan reversed the trend of destructive liberal policies and re-set the country’s course. Another Ronald Reagan is desperately needed.

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