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Loaded Tea: Benefits, Ingredients and Promotion



Loaded Tea: Would you consume a beverage that promised to provide you long-lasting energy and vigor, as well as assist you in losing weight and becoming healthier?
Loaded tea, a trendy beverage gaining traction thanks to aesthetically stunning Instagram photographs and influencer endorsements, promises just that.
We recommend remembering the ancient adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.” On social media, terrifying accounts about acute jitters, elevated blood pressure, flushed skin, and other symptoms after drinking loaded teas have surfaced.

The Benefits of Loaded Tea and what does it mean

Loaded Teas

As an example — When I initially went on Facebook a few weeks ago, the first thing I saw on my newsfeed was a horror story. After drinking a loaded tea, a buddy of a friend ended up in the ER. Her skin was flushed, and her heart was racing. Her blood pressure dangerously elevated as a result of coffee, according to the ER nurse.
So, what is loaded tea, and why is it so popular? Is it so dangerous? Below, I answer those and other questions.

What exactly is loaded tea?

Loaded tea is a bright, visually appealing mixture of components that promises to give you energy, enhance your productivity, rev your metabolism, and help you achieve all of your wildest health and fitness goals.
According to Dr. Wendy Bazilian, a sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer, the fashionable teas are “caffeinated. Supplemented energy beverages, part multivitamin, and part mystery and colorful craftiness — which is why I think it has a bit of a cult following and has created a buzz.”
“People love the loaded teas and shake because they feel they work well for regulating their hunger and cravings or providing them lots of energy,” wrote Shannon Ashley, who examined loaded teas.
As a result, “these drinks may help people lose weight,” Ashley says, “but the real question is what else these supplements do to the body.”

Who makes a cup of loaded tea?

Herbalife, which has been scrutinized and studied in the past for potential health issues and consumer fraud, is perhaps the most prominent maker of loaded tea.
Herbalife is a multilevel marketing firm that makes money by recruiting independent consultants to sell the product. These Herbalife consultants frequently open physical nutrition stores to market Herbalife products, and they don’t always disclose what they’re offering.
Non-Herbalife smoothie businesses or nutrition cafés may also make them.

Loaded tea ingredients

Because there is no single recipe that defines how loaded tea is prepared, it’s nearly difficult to say what’s in it. Tea (typically a blend of green, black, and oolong teas), fruit juices, supplement powders, multivitamin mixes, sweeteners, plant extracts, and food colorings are frequent ingredients.
Some don’t even include tea, so you won’t gain any of the tea’s health advantages if you drink it.
Regardless of the varying recipes, most loaded teas contain a significant amount of caffeine to provide the energy boost they advertise. “These loaded teas have 175 to 200 milligrams of caffeine,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, a certified dietician. “A cup of tea contains 27 milligrams of caffeine, while a cup of coffee contains 80 to 100 mg.”

Is it okay to drink laden teas? | Loaded Tea

According to Taub-Dix, caffeine-sensitive persons may feel nervous, have stomach aches, have trouble sleeping, have frequent urination, and have an increased heart rate and blood pressure after drinking a loaded tea.
Ginseng and guarana are common ingredients in loaded tea, and both can have the same detrimental consequences as too much caffeine. Finally, loaded teas are known to contain dangerous quantities of vitamin B-3 (also known as niacin), which can cause skin flushing, increased heart rate, and nausea, according to Taub-Dix.
“The poison is the dose,” Bazilian explains. “At high levels, in concentrated forms, or when coupled with other components, something that may have a favorable effect, [like] caffeine in regular amounts in a real food, might become harmful.”
She continues, “Be wary and apply common sense.” “When analyzing what, how much, and whether you’re ‘in’ for the latest trend, I always urge customers to be hopeful and open-minded, but also put on your skeptic’s hat and use common sense,” says the author.

Is there any advantage to drinking laden tea?

Loaded tea may not be all bad depending on the formula, your health status, and your unique tolerance for things like caffeine and vitamin consumption.
While your doctor or dietitian surely won’t advise you to start drinking loaded tea, Bazilian says she believes in giving credit where credit is due.
Because loaded teas like to be prepared with water, she claims “quite confidently” that they can help with hydration. That is if there is any documented health advantage.
Flavored beverages like loaded tea can assist people who have trouble drinking enough water fulfilling their fluid requirements, as long as they don’t produce any unpleasant or severe side effects.

It’s all about the promotion

People are drawn to laden tea by “the temptation and yearning for more,” according to Bazilian. “Energy, vigor, vitality, mental clarity, weight loss, leanness. It doesn’t matter what you have, and people want it.
Marketers are experts at persuading us to buy goods and hooking us on the latest and greatest, particularly when it comes to concepts like energy, lifespan, and immunity, “Bazilian explains.
“Don’t be tricked by magnetic claims on the front of your packaging that entice you to buy something that may do more harm than good,” Taub-Dix warns.
She points out that if a single food or beverage could give all of the nutrients we require and support our human functions, there would be no need for thousands of foods on supermarket shelves.

When you can’t discover one, make a serious inquiry

To understand what you’re eating, read the nutrition label or ask for a list of ingredients, just as you would with any other product. Foods that tout health claims, such as laden teas, are hazardous.
If you buy a loaded tea and the store refuses to tell you what’s in it, you should put it down and leave. When it comes to nutrition, ambiguity and omission are not good indicators.
It isn’t to suggest that all laden teas are unsafe; as previously said, no single formula or recipe exists. Your neighborhood nutrition store may be preparing perfectly healthy drinks with safe components.

But it’s never a bad idea to inquire on Loaded Teas

The bottom message, according to Taub-Dix, is that “is to have a mug or two of tea if you’re a tea drinker. However, if you want to lose weight, improve your attention, feel more active, and obtain a lot of vitamins and minerals, this is the way to go. “Try eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough sleep.
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