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Luca And Danni Bracelets Jewelry Company In “Such American”



Luca And Danni Bracelets

Luca And Danni Bracelets: Americans are no strangers to working with their hands to make a living, and Fox’s “American Roots” focuses on proud residents who do just that.

One such American is Fred Magnanimi, the CEO and founder of the Luca and Danni jewellery company.

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Luca And Danni Bracelets

Magnanimi, a former Wall Street derivatives trader, had no intention of joining his father’s jewellery company until his 33-year-old brother died of illness.

“I could always shield my younger brother, but not from cancer. Magnanimi explains, “What I ended up doing was channelling my anger and aggravation onto what I watched the cancer do to my brother.”

“His purpose and vision were to figure out a method to transform the family business, and come hell or high water, I was going to figure it out.”

Magnanimi revitalised his family’s faltering Cranston, Rhode Island, manufacturing.

After his brother’s death, he returned to Italy and founded the Luca and Danni bracelet company in August of 2014. Profits for the company quickly soared.

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Magnanimi was able to mix his knowledge in New York boardrooms with traditional designs that had been employed in his family’s factory for decades.

Magnanimi notes, “When I was sitting in these investment banking meetings, males would wear a status symbol watch, and when I looked at jewellery for ladies, they were buying that bracelet for a certain reason.”

“So why not wear that charm, or colour, or crystal on top of your wrist [like a watch] and tell the world about it?”

Lucca and Danni were constructed on the foundation of meaning, and it continues to expand around it.

Magnanimi claims that his employees are also appreciative of what his organization is attempting to do.

“To tell you the truth, we can make things cheaper in China. It makes no difference to me. It’s fun for me to make them here.

I enjoy going downstairs and sitting with my employees to see the process of making these things, and they do an excellent job.”

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