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Who Was Mabel Greineder, Wife Of Dr Dirk Greineder?



Who Was Mabel Greineder? Wife Of Dr Dirk Greineder, Husband Found Guilty Of Killing Wife, Explained! Investigation Discovery recently revealed the case of Dr. Dirk Greineder’s murder victim, his wife. This episode was aired on Investigation Discovery.

Who Was Mabel Greineder?

Mabel Grieneder

According to reports, Mabel Greineder died on Halloween 1999. Dirk Greineder’s spouse was going about her day and was taking a walk in the morning when she was brutally killed to death. The family members who knew her well were puzzled by her sudden death. According to reports, Mabel was a registered nurse and her

husband was a physician. According to the report, Mabel had been married for nearly three years. Mabel Greineder lived a beautiful life with her family, until she was macabrely murdered. Scroll down to see the next page.


Mabel and Dirk had two daughters and one boy together. On the 31st of October 1999, Mabel Greineder was brutally attacked and killed in the morning. Mabel Greineder was also 58 years old at the time. According to

reports, Dirk Greineder was the one that informed police about Mabel’s attack. According to police, Mabel wasstabbed in the chest and had her throat slashed. The victim, 58 years old, was found stabbed to death in the Morse’s Pond area.

Mabel Greineder Murder Mystery

Mabel Greineder was murdered by the respective authority. Dirk Greineder was later charged by police as Dirk Greineder’s husband in the case. Dirk Greineder was convicted of the murder of his wife, but Dirk Greineder

maintained his innocence after he was convicted. According to the source, Dr. Dirk Greineder was taken to Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Norfolk County ar Norfolk. Dr. Dirk Greineder was convicted of her murder after nearly one year. Dirk was 60 when he was convicted.


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