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All the Main Characters One Piece, Ranked by Courage



Main CHaracter One Piece

Main Character One Piece: The Straw Hat gang is made up of a diverse cast of personalities, each one distinct enough to leave an indelible impression. But which is the most effective?

One Piece is still regarded as one of the best shonen anime series available. Its world-building is unquestionably excellent, allowing for a large and diverse cosmos to emerge throughout its long-running career.

Do you know 10 all the main characters based on adventure?

Main CHaracter One Piece

Throughout the series, many characters have come and gone from the One Piece world. The charming Straw Hat Pirate group, which consists of the strongest and most eccentric pirates, is at One Piece’s core. Which Straw Hat do you think is the best?

1. Franky

Franky is the Straw Hats’ shipwright, and he’s a peculiar character to boot. Franky stands out in a crowd with his Hawaiian shirt, tiny speedo, black sunglasses, and habit of shouting.

After being hit by a maritime train, he became a cyborg and rebuilt his body with scrap metal from a scrapyard. As a member of the Franky Family group, he feuded with the Straw Hats at one point, and his background is even connected with Nico Robin’s.

2. Brook

Brook is the Straw Hats’ resident musician, a rotting skeleton who was brought back to life after eating the Revive-Revive Fruit. He can control his own soul, allowing it to leave his skeletal body and move around and his swordsmanship.

Brook, the Straw Hat crew’s oldest member at ninety years old, has a fun side to him. He enjoys making stupid skeleton jokes, which upset or delight his crewmates. After years of isolation before joining Luffy’s crew, those same jokes kept him relatively sane.

3. Jimbei

Jimbei was previously a member of the Seven Warlords and was a whale-shark fisherman who was captain of the Pirates of the Sun. The Sun Pirates finally disbanded due to his engagement with the warlords.

Jimbei is One Piece’s most skilled Fish-man karate practitioner, and he moves amazingly effectively for a man his size. He also believes in human-fisherman equality, a belief that he shared with his former captain, Fisher Tiger. His admiration heavily influences his thoughts for Partagas D. Ace.

4. Chopper Tony Tony

Every pirate gang requires a medic, and Tony Tony Chopper is the man for the job. A competent doctor who dreams of healing every sickness possible, Chopper is a reindeer brought to life by a Human-Human Fruit.

He has the minor bounty of the Straw Hat Pirates, with only 300 Berries. That, however, is primarily due to his diminutive size and cuteness. Despite his cuteness, Chopper is a formidable warrior, with the Rumble Ball allowing him to transform into seven distinct forms.

5. Usopp

Ussop is the crew’s most physically frail member compared to the other Straw Hats. He makes up for it, though, with his marksmanship, which he employs with his trusty slingshot to dispatch adversaries from afar.

Ussop is frequently having the most fun when he isn’t sniping targets or transforming into a sea warrior. He’s the Straw Hat Pirates’ plucky comedic relief, frequently cheesing it up with Luffy. In some respects, his witty personality compensates for his timidity.

6. Nico Robin

Nico asked to join the Straw Hat group rather than recruited because Luffy (whom she had saved) forced her to live. She is one of the most mysterious Straw Hats around, having served as a vice president to Sir Crocodile as Miss All Sunday.

Nico serves as an archaeologist for the Straw Hat team, deciphering Poneglyphs (which is considered a crime on her home island of Ohara). She is the only Straw Hat with a dark past, having spent two decades on the run from the World Government.

7. Sanji

Sanji is a fantastic chef who can whip up a delectable dish on the spur of the moment. He’s also quite the ladies’ guy, flirting with each woman who catches his attention. Women are all the same to him, regardless of their good or evil association, and he is fiercely protective of them.

Sanji’s animosity with Zoro is perhaps the most well-known aspect of his character. He and Zoro have a habit of bickering daily, yet they do get along when the situation calls for it.

8. Name

Naomi was a criminal before meeting Luffy, stealing from pirates to pay for her house in the Conomi Archipelago. She is the Straw Hat crew’s sharpest member, a navigator who can correctly anticipate the weather and navigate the ship through a storm.

NAMI developed a crafty attitude due to her years of stealing, occasionally manipulating her crewmates to satisfy her greed. Even if the others get on her nerves, she is still a devoted crewmate at heart.

9. Zoro Roronoa

Roronoa Zoro, the first mate to join the Straw Hat crew, is a skilled swordsman and Luffy’s right-hand man. He has his distinct sword style, demonstrating that he is so powerful that he does not require the use of a Devil Fruit.

Zoro is so powerful that he is considered a member of “The Worst Generation” (fighting alongside Luffy and committing acts against the World Government will give you that distinction). Zoro, a former bounty hunter for the East Blue, aspires to be the finest swordsman on the planet.

10. Monkey D. Luffy

It’s no surprise that Monkey D. Luffy, the leader of the Straw Hats, is the best character in One Piece. Luffy has endeared himself to many One Piece fans with his funny nature and physical power over the years.

Luffy has a charming temperament, which has gained him friends and allies worldwide. He aspires to be a pirate king one day, and he will go to any length to achieve his childhood ambition even if a bounty of 1,500,000,000 berries is placed on his head.

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