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Mark Balelo – What happened to Barry from Storage Wars?



mark balelo

Mark balelo : According to TMZ, Balelo was found dead in his running automobile in a garage, perhaps from carbon monoxide poisoning. Balelo was distressed after his detention, according to insiders.

Mark Balelo, star of ‘Storage Wars,’ was found dead in an apparent suicide after a narcotics arrest, according to sources

mark baleloMark Balelo, the star of ‘Storage Wars,’ was found dead on Monday, two days after being detained on suspicion of methamphetamine possession, according to several reports.The autopsy will take place on Tuesday.

Balelo, 40, appeared in a number of episodes of the hit reality show. He was dubbed “Rico Suave” for his showy clothing “Balelo is best known for assisting actor Nicolas Cage in returning a rare Superman comic book valued at $1 million to him.

Balelo, Inc. was his company, and it bought the contents of storage lockers and liquidated their assets. A decade after it was taken from Cage, the comic book was discovered in a storage locker.

Balelo admitting to a 2009 drug conviction in an interview with RadarOnline two months ago, which the publication now claims was his last, but stated he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“My friends were staying in a hotel room that had been booked in my room. They were having a good time in there, and I didn’t do anything wrong. I wasn’t even present at the time. It isn’t a major issue “he stated , Elizabeth Metzidis, his fiancee, stood by him.

“I want people to know Mark has a golden heart,” she told Radar, adding that Balelo was involved in autism awareness fundraising.

Following the filing of a lawsuit against the show by Dave Hester, a former cast member, ‘Storage Wars’ has come under scrutiny.

Hester alleged in the lawsuit that the show is a hoax, claiming that show producers place costly goods in units to make the show more exciting. The show was also accused of rigging the bidding process, according to the lawsuit.

A&E claims the lawsuit is without merit and has requested a judge to dismiss it.

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