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Mark Wahlberg: Bio, Age, Height, Movies & Net Worth



Mark Wahlberg

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg, former stage name Marky Mark, is an American actor, producer, businessman and former rapper. He has received multiple accolades, including a BAFTA Award, and nominations for two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, nine Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Mark Wahlberg Bio & Age

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born June 5, 1971 in a poor working class district, Dorchester, of Boston, Massachusetts.


The actor businessman, producer also known as the former rapper Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is an American. He has won numerous distinctions and awards for his work which include the BAFTA Award.

He’s also been considered for nominations for 9 Primetime Emmy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a host of other awards. Mark Wahlberg age has been a constant source of controversy for his fans and critics alike.

Alongside the BAFTA, Mark Wahlberg age is famous for his numerous nominations. Mark Wahlberg is 48 years old and has four kids which includes the youngest daughter, Ella.


He has a lengthy collection of women he has dated. He was married to his long-time partner Rhea Durham on September 29, 2009 together they’ve got four kids together.

He has a lengthy list of assaults on women and physical assault instances. He apologized for his conduct in the year the year 2006.

Mark Wahlberg Height

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is an American actor as well as a producer and businessman. He was also a rapper who has received numerous awards. He is 6 ft 3 inches. The net worth of Mark Wahlberg has been estimated to be $100 million.


He has also been awarded numerous awards such as an BAFTA Award and several nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards. You can find his height and weight in this article.

Apart from his size, Mark Wahlberg is known for his toned, athletic body. His chest is 46 inches while his biceps measures 16 inches. His waist is 35 inches. He is wearing an large size 9 shoes.

The actor is active on social media platforms and has more than 17 million Facebook followers. Both his Twitter and Instagram accounts boast nearly fifteen million fans.


The actor’s weight and height could be an important factor in securing the role however, his body structure is also impressive.

Mark Wahlberg Movies

For one is his impressive presence on screen. His character in the action-comedy “Lone Survivor” is inspired by a true story.

The film has Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell as the head of a four-man SEAL team that is tasked with taking down the treacherous Taliban leader who killed the lives of 20 U.S. Marines.


Although he’s a well-known actor but his films don’t challenge the status quo. Although he has a rich and well-known Boston dialect, he is in California and doesn’t plan to change it in the near future.

That’s why the public must wait for him to make an appearance with a new film that has an accent. If Wahlberg would like to shed the accent, he can invest millions of dollars and appear as the same person.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

Mark Wahlberg has an estimated net worth of $95 million. He is an actor with multiple facets and his diverse background has contributed to his staggering amount.


When he was a kid, Wahlberg was addicted to cocaine, among other drugs. He also was involved in racial slurs , attacks and slurs against different ethnic groups. However, his success in the field of acting can help him get over the challenges of his childhood.

Learn how much he earns. As a teen, Wahlberg was a model for Calvin Klein underwear and was the mainstay for his Times Square billboard. Following his debut on television at the age of 13, he appeared with Leonardo DiCaprio in “Renaissance Man.

In 1994 the year he made his feature film debut as the drug addict’s best friend in the film The Basketball Diaries. Then, in 1996, he scored his first role as the main character in the film “Fear.


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