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Mary Yoder – Poisoning By His Son’s Girlfriend Kaitlin Conley



Kaitlin Conley

The poisoning of a New York woman by her son’s ex-girlfriend was “an act of vengeance” during a “toxic” relationship, according to a doctor

Kaitlin Conley

Mary Yoder : It was 2015, and the 60-year-old chiropractor suspected she had a stomach bug.

She and her husband, Dr. William Yoder, ran a thriving upstate New York practise. Yoder went to the hospital after spent the night vomiting and was expected to stay overnight.

Yoder, on the other hand, had gone into cardiac arrest several times by the time her three children arrived at his side.

The passing of the beloved grandmother was terrible and unexpected.

The complex and disturbing case was featured in the second season of Oxygen’s true-crime docu-series “Killer Motive,” which premiered in January.

It includes interviews with detectives, witnesses, and prosecutor Laurie Lisi, as well as individuals who knew Yoder.


Friends praised Yoder as a community leader who remained busy with ceramics, dancing, and gardening in the special.

She was described as “extremely upbeat and full of life.”

“They were absolutely devastated when we first spoke to them,” Lisi told Fox News.

“They were, however, completely perplexed. How could someone who exercised every day suddenly become ill and die?

They demanded an autopsy right away because they were frustrated.

Even the physicians couldn’t figure out exactly what had happened.

Mary was assessed by a team of experts. They were looking for answers.”

Yoder had been poisoned, according to tests. Colchicine, a medicine used to treat gout, an inflammation of the joints, was suspected by one specialist. If given wrongly, it might be lethal.

Yoder, on the other hand, was not diagnosed with the painful and incapacitating kind of arthritis.

The programme revealed that when it was discovered that William had started a relationship with his widowed sister-in-law, it raised red lights.

The bereaved widower, on the other hand, maintained his innocence and was eventually exonerated.

Yoder’s kid Adam drew everyone’s attention. According to the documentary, the poison was ordered using an email account under his name.

Then, according to an anonymous letter addressed to the medical examiner’s office and the local sheriff’s department, Adam was to blame since he supposedly had bouts of fury.

“My first impression of Adam was that he could be depressed, but he was highly intelligent,” Lisi recalled.

“He was also quite dedicated to his mum. They had an extremely close relationship.

To be honest, until that letter arrived, there was no reason to look at him.”

Adam was smoking a cigarette when authorities examined his car, according to “Killer Motive.”

The cigarette “nearly dropped out of his mouth” when a bottle of colchicine was discovered in Adam’s vehicle.

However, after further investigation into Adam’s movements at the time of his mother’s poisoning, it was discovered that he had been to Long Island five days before to see one of his sisters.

The siblings were together until their father called to inform them of Yoder’s health, which had swiftly deteriorated.

The next person of interest was Adam’s girlfriend, Kaitlyn Conley, who also worked at the family’s clinic.

“I would characterise their connection as quite poisonous,” Lisi said. “They were on-again, off-again all the time.

When you look back on their relationship, it’s evident that Kaitlyn would do specific things to entice Adam Yoder to return to her whenever they broke up.”

Lisi continued, “She made a fake complaint of rape against him.” “She informed him that she had had an ectopic pregnancy, had nearly died, and that the child was his.

He was having an affair with someone else at the time. However, as soon as she told him this, he ended his relationship with the other girl and returned to Kaitlyn. It was simply a highly poisonous connection.”


Conley allegedly provided Adam vitamins in 2015, claiming they would help him focus on his college final exams, according to investigators.

He not only fell ill, but he also displayed symptoms that were comparable to those of his mother.

“Neither he nor the hospital knew what was wrong with him,” Lisi explained.

“They just put it up to a nasty stomach sickness. So he had a nagging suspicion that she was attempting to poison him.

When he confronted her with the accusation, though, she became enraged.

Then Adam felt bad for making such a serious accusation in the first place. As a result, he abandoned it.”

The Yoder family is said to have been unaware of what was going on behind closed doors with the couple.

They not only accepted Conley as a member of the family, but Yoder also had a close friendship with her son’s girlfriend.

Conley told cops she sent the anonymous letter because she was terrified of Adam, who she said was abusive.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, forensic data will show that Conley set up the email account used to order the colchicine.

Conley not only looked for poisons online, but he also bought colchicine using prepaid gift cards.

Her DNA was also discovered in the vial of colchicine.

I believe Kaitlyn was seeking retribution from Adam for their breakup “Lisi expressed her thoughts.

“As a result, she resolved not only to murder his mother, but also to frame him for the crime.

That, I believe, is why she took the risk of drafting that anonymous letter – to exact vengeance on Adam Yoder.”

“The evidence proved that Mary walked out to perform an errand during noon,” Lisi explained.

“That provided the office manager access to the kitchen, where Mary Yoder stored her almond milk and protein powder smoothie, which she drank every day for lunch.

“Kaitlyn Conley, who was the office manager at the time and was alone, took out the powdered colchicine she had purchased months before and mixed it in with the protein powder or milk.

At lunchtime, Mary returned, prepared the drink for herself, and drank it.”


Conley’s first trial ended in a hung jury, but in 2017, the then-24-year-old was found guilty of manslaughter. She was given a 23-year prison sentence.

Adam tearfully voiced his guilt for bringing Conley into his family’s lives during his sentencing, according to the documentary.

“As much as I despise her, which is more than I ever imagined I could despise somebody,” he said, “I despise myself incomparably more.”

It’s difficult to determine whether Conley would have continued her desire to avenge Adam if his mother had lived, according to Lisi. She did, however, state that her agenda is unmistakable.

“When Mary Yoder died, Kaitlyn Conley got what she wanted,” she added.

“After Mary died, Adam Yoder reintroduced Kaitlyn into his life, at least for the next three months.

So, if her purpose was to rekindle her relationship with him, she was successful, albeit only for a short time.

If Mary had survived and Kaitlyn had been there to assist her, I believe she would have been able to re-enter Adam’s life.”

“However, based on everything, I believe she would have done something if Adam had abandoned her again,” Lisi stated. “I’m sure she’ll do something else to catch his attention…

What you see isn’t necessarily what you get. Kaitlin Conley projected a particular image, but that wasn’t who she actually was.”

“Killer Motive” airs on Oxygen on Saturdays at 6 p.m. ET. This article was written with the help of the Associated Press.

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