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Maxine Waters News : Treatment of Haitian Migrants



Maxine Waters News

Maxine Waters News: Slammed the treatment of thousands of Haitian migrants arriving at the southern border, saying it was “worse than slavery.”

The California Democrat addressed a press conference outside the United States Capitol on Wednesday in response to photos and claims that surfaced this week showing Border Patrol agents attempting to corral some of the migrants flooding across the Rio Grande.

Maxine Waters News Treatment of Haitian Migrants

Maxine Waters News

Some accused the agents of whipping the border crossers despite the fact that they were holding reins rather than whips.

Waters exclaimed, “I’m pissed.” “I’m upset, and it’s not just because of the cowboys who were chasing Haitians and whipping them with their reins.

The administration has made me [unhappy]. We’re following Trump’s policy… he’s the one who refuses to follow the constitution and refuses to allow refugees to petition to enter the country. What are we doing here, anyway?

Waters remarked, “What we saw takes us back hundreds of years.” “What we saw was worse than what we saw during slavery… Cowboys with their reins flogging black folks once more.”

A Vp Of The Border Patrol Council Resists The Media’s Claim That Agents Are ‘Whipping’ Migrants

“Who’s paying these cowboys to perform this work?” Waters also wondered, adding that they “had to be gotten rid of.” The congresswoman from California alleged that the treatment of Haitian migrants is an attempt to “return us to slavery days” and demanded that children who are “unfortunate to be in this circumstance” be allowed to enter the United States immediately.

Art Del Cueto, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, fought back against accusations that agents were whipping migrants on Tuesday.

Agents are not assigned whips, according to Del Cueto, and the measures employed were within safety guidelines to safeguard both the agent and the horse involved in the incident.

“They weren’t whipping anyone,” Del Cueto explained. “They don’t have whips on them.” Whips aren’t given to them. They use a training technique that has been demonstrated to them in order to ensure that no one else takes control of their horse.

It was to defend the horse, the rider, and the man who was attempting to create havoc by knocking that rider off that horse.”

During the occasion, Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio, chairperson of the Congressional Black Caucus, said the acts conducted against Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas, were “some of the most awful things that we’ve seen, some of the most emotive, despicable, inconceivable things that we’ve witnessed.”

“Today, I had the distinction of transporting eight members of the Congressional Black Caucus and their leadership to the White House,” Beatty said.

“And part of that was to talk to those horrible photos and ask why all those recognised riding horses with their reins chasing down Haitians like livestock and goats should be suspended or dismissed.”

Democrats have also asked for a “pause” to the Border Patrol’s use of horses when patrolling the border, according to Beatty. “We have never seen people who look like me treated the way those Haitians were handled,” Beatty said, adding that the group that visited the White House made a “list of demands” regarding Haitian migrants’ treatment.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Massachusetts, was also in attendance, questioning the “cruel, brutal, and flat out racist treatment” of Haitian migrants at the southern border.

“We cannot and must not look away at this time,” Pressley added, calling the situation in Haiti a “extraordinary humanitarian calamity” that requires a “humanitarian response.”

“Rather of leading with compassion and grace, these families have been treated with cruelty,” Pressley stated, adding that those who have fled to America have been “picked up like livestock, lashed, handcuffed, and jailed.”

“Haitian lives are black lives,” Pressley stated, urging President Joe Biden’s government to “immediately and indefinitely suspend all deportations of Haitian migrants.”

“Congress must investigate and hold Border Patrol personnel accountable for their outrageous and white supremacist behaviour in Del Rio, Texas,” Pressley continued.

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