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Mia Talerico: Bio, Age, Height, Movies & Net Worth



Mia Talerico

Mia Talerico she’s an American actress who plays a role in the short film, “Say Goodnight”, produced by FireFaux Entertainment. If you want to know more about her read this article.

Mia Talerico Bio

Mia Talerico

Mia Talerico was born in Santa Barbara, California. She began acting at just 11 months old, appearing in Disney’s Good Luck Charlie as a baby.   Her cute expression caught the attention of the audience, and her talent was recognized.


Mia later starred in several other television shows and movies, including the hit show The Singing Detective, which she narrated with Bridget Mendler

. She currently stars as Paige in the digital series Mani, which stars Brat. Mia Talerico was just a baby when filming began for the series, and she spent her toddler years with the series.

As she grew older, the role of a child star became more common, and nearly every production features a child as the lead. In fact, many Disney programs target a teenage audience, but Mia Talerico was one of the youngest actors or actresses to join the company.


Mia Talerico Height

Mia Talerico height and weight were recently reported to be approximately 5 ft. and 4 inches. She is an actress and model from the USA, but her height and weight may be influenced by her fame and a recent diet.

Mia Talerico was born in Santa Barbara, California. She began acting at just 11 months old, appearing in Disney’s Good Luck Charlie as a baby.

She is still active in the entertainment industry, and she is currently a popular social media star. She is also very tall for her age. Mia Talerico height and weight are based on her height, weight, and shoe size. Listed below is her wiki page.


Mia Talerico Movies

Mia Talerico is an American actress who makes a name for herself in the Disney Channel comedy series Good Luck Charlie. She was born to Chris and Claire Talerico in Santa Barbara, California. Her parents often assisted her on the set, and the couple also has a younger sister, Aubrey.

The actress made her acting debut at the young age of 11 months, when she played baby Charlotte Duncan in the sitcom Good Luck Charlie.In addition to acting in feature films, Mia has also starred in several short films. Since her role in Good Luck Charlie, she has appeared in several TV series and short films.

She has also joined the cast of Brat’s digital series Mani, which is set to be released this year. However, in recent years, the young actress has been busy appearing on the small screen. Here are some of her most recent credits.


One of the most successful kids on TV is Mia Talerico, who plays the role of Charlie Duncan on the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie. Mia is the daughter of Chris and Claire Talerico. The show is written by Phil Baker and is based on Mia’s own life. She has a number of other credits, including a number of commercials and social endorsements.

Mia Talerico Net Worth

American actress Mia Talerico has a net worth of $1.5 million. She rose to fame in 2010 for her role as Charlotte Duncan in the Disney Channel television series Good Luck Charlie. Her net worth jumped to another level in 2015 when she starred in the NBC sitcom Mani as a pawn.

She has also starred in the parts of Jessie and Conrad and So Random!, as well as in the Radio Disney Music Awards.The actress has a huge social media following and has more than one million followers on Instagram.


Her mother manages her YouTube channel. The starlet has an active Instagram account that has 1.3 million followers. Mia has not been rumored to be in a relationship with anyone.

However, her net worth is likely to increase significantly as her acting career continues to grow. In fact, her net worth is expected to grow to as much as $1.5 million by the year 2022.

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