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Mike Epps: Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Movies & Net Worth



Mike Epps

Michael Elliot Epps is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer and rapper. He played Day-Day Jones in Next Friday and its sequel, Friday After Next, and also appeared in The Hangover and The Hangover Part III as “Black Doug. If you want to know more about him read this article.

 Epps Bio & Age

Mike Epps

Mike Epps was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on November 18, 1970. As an actor, comedian, writer, producer, and rapper, he enjoys a prosperous career.


He appeared in a number of movies, including Uncle Buck, The Upshaws, and The Hangover Part III. He is a tremendously gifted person who is in high demand across a wide range of sectors.

If you enjoy stand-up comedy, you will undoubtedly appreciate Mike Epps’ advanced age.American actor, comedian, and producer Michael Elliot Epps also produces stand-up comedy.

He has played a number of successful roles in both film and television. He is most recognized for his performances in the comedies The Hangover and Next Friday as Black Doug and Day-Day Jones.


Continue reading to find out more about him if you’re interested in his age! Here are a few of his noteworthy accomplishments:

Epps Height

American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer Michael Elliot Epps is from the United States. He is most recognized for his performances as Black Doug in The Hangover and Day-Day Jones in Next Friday.

The actor is 6 ft. 1 inches tall (177 cm).The actor and comedian loves sports and works out frequently. Mike Epps maintains a height of 6 feet 2 inches despite having a tiny frame.


He is about 88 kg in weight. His eyes are black, and his skin is tan. He always wears pants and also dyes his hair. His weight and height are both pretty amazing, and as of 2022, his net worth is predicted to be $8 million.

 Epps Wife

American stand-up comedian, author, and producer Michael Elliot Epps. He has also had success as an actor, appearing in films including The Hangover and Next Friday. He is wed to Michelle Akers, an actress.

He wed the comedian Kate McKinnon a few years ago. His wife Kate also performed stand-up comedy. She married a popular comedian before any of her other children did. In addition to his union with the comedian Kyra Robinson, Mike Epps is the father of two kids from prior unions.


He continues to be involved in the children’s upbringing despite the couple’s divorce in July 2017. Mike Epps has a kid named Little Mike Jr. with his second wife, Kyra Robinson, in addition to his wife. Despite the fact that his marriage ended in divorce, he remains active in his kids’ life.

 Epps Movies

American stand-up comic, actor, writer, and producer Michael Epps is from the United States. He played the character of Day-Day Jones in the films Next Friday and The Hangover, among others. He also had the role of Black Doug in the latter.

Despite playing a variety of characters, Epps is still his most well-known. Some of his most recognizable films will be covered in this biography. Some of his favorite roles are listed below.


Mike Epps first appeared in Hollywood on the HBO comedy “Def Comedy Jam,” but he was able to make his acting debut in Vin Diesel’s thriller “Strays” in 1997.

He continued to appear as a leading man in a number of movies, such as Pimps Up, Ho’s Down, Next Friday, 3 Strikes, Bait, and A Few Good Men. He had five film appearances in 2008, including Soul Men with Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac.

Epps Net Worth

Mike Epps, a comedian, has a $8 million net worth, claims Forbes. More than 66 movies and television shows feature him. His most recognizable screen performance was as “Black Doug” in the Hangover series. In addition, he has acted in a lot of advertisements and television shows.


His popularity has expanded in recent years, which has led to an increase in his net worth. His notable credits are listed below. On November 18, 1970, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Michael Epps was born. Mary Reed and Tommy Epps are his parents.

He worked at Atlanta’s Comedy Act Theater when he first started his stand-up career. In 1989, he was found guilty of a drug charge and was engaged with gangs in his neighborhood. He changed his life after being released and started pursuing a career in show business.

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