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Michael Phelps Weed: Use of Drugs And Compete On Olympics



Michael Phelps Weed
Michael Phelps Weed: Michael Phelps Weed: Michael Phelps smoked pot and competed in the Olympics.
The suspension of Olympic hopeful Sha’Carri Richardson following a positive marijuana test has prompted comparisons to other Olympians who have used the drug.

Michael Phelps Weed News shared on Social Media

Michael Phelps Weed
Richardson and now-retired Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, both won 28 medals, are compared in a Facebook post.
“Michael Phelps smoked marijuana, kept all of his medals, and competed in the Olympics. Don’t start this shambles with Sha’Carri, “the text of the article says
I shared the post was over 7,000 times since it was published on July 2.
In 2008, months after the Olympics, Phelps did consume marijuana.
However, I cannot compare his condition and Richardson’s because the athletes’ drug use occurred at separate times.

Before the Olympic trials, Richardson smoked marijuana | Michael Phelps Weed

Richardson smoked marijuana on the eve of the United States Olympic trials, which took place in Eugene, Oregon, on June 19.
According to the US Anti-Doping Agency, she was suspended for one month on July 2 after testing positive for THC, a “substance of abuse,” according to the US Anti-Doping Agency.
Her performance at the trials, during that she secures a berth on the national squad is invalidated by the positive test she took that day.

The Punishment and one of the Agency on ban of the Competitor on the Olympics

The punishment is retroactive to June 28 and will prevent her from competing in the Tokyo 100-meter dash. Richardson will be unable to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.
The United States Anti-Doping Agency adheres to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s substance use code.
This year’s code made marijuana illegal during the “in-competition” period, which begins “just before midnight on the day before a competition” in which the athlete is due to compete and ends “after the conclusion of the competition and the sample collection process.”
Richardson smoked marijuana before her competition, which was against this year’s rules. For Phelps, though, this was not the case.

Phelps used pot months after the Olympics | Michael Phelps Weed

Phelps was photographed carrying a water pipe, which was used to smoke marijuana, in 2009. CNN stated that the photo was shot at a party at the University of South Carolina in November 2008.
Phelps represented the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, winning eight gold medals.
Phelps competed in the events between August 10 and August 17, roughly three months before being caught on camera smoking marijuana.
Restricted marijuana on that year’s prohibited list, but not during the out-of-competition period.
Shelby Houlihan, an Olympic contender, tested positive for steroids, not marijuana.

One of the Committee for Olympics has Full Medical Test even after the Competition too

According to the 2008 International Olympic Committee anti-doping rules, to be disqualified for taking a forbidden drug, there has to be evidence that the athlete consumed it during the competition period, such as a positive test result.
The New York Times claimed in February 2009 that Phelps “had never tested positive for a forbidden chemical.”
Even if it occurred after the Olympics, Phelps was sanctioned for his use of marijuana.
USA Swimming barred Phelps from participation for three months and removed financial support for the athlete until May 2009.
Phelps was only barred from competing until mid-2009 as a result of the sanctions. He did not face any drug-related sanctions during the 2012 London Olympics.

Our verdict is that there is a lack of context

Our study evaluates the claim that Phelps took marijuana and was still permitted to compete in the Olympics as Missing Context since it could be misleading without more information.
After a photo of Phelps with a bong was published months after the 2008 Olympics, he was busted consuming marijuana. During the competition, though, Phelps did not test positive for marijuana.
During the forbidden period, Richardson ingested marijuana. Attempts to compare the two events are futile due to their vastly different chronology.
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