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Michael Savage Rush Limbaugh



Michael Savage Rush Limbaugh

Michael savage rush limbaugh : After Rush Limbaugh’s cancer report, radio presenter Michael Savage was chastised for his remarks.

Michael Savage Rush Limbaugh

Michael Savage, a radio presenter, received backlash on social media earlier this week for comments he made following Rush Limbaugh’s emotional cancer update.

“Limbaugh is crying on air about his cancer!” “The worst 15 minutes in the history of radio!” On Twitter, Savage penned a message.

“I spilled a big cup of coffee all over the counter and the floor.” I WILL NOT DRAG YOU DOWN WITH ME, I PROMISE MY AUDIENCE! Best wishes, Rush, but please come to a halt and exit with dignity.”

He went on to say, “Compare this to Lou Gehrig in Yankee Stadium.”


In February, Limbaugh revealed that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

He gave his listeners a grim update on his condition on Monday, after recent scans revealed “some cancer progression,” which he described as “not dramatic” but nonetheless a step in the wrong direction.

“From the minute you get the diagnosis, a part of you thinks, OK, that’s it, life’s gone, but you don’t know when,” Limbaugh explained.

“So, at the time following the diagnosis, you do everything you can to prolong life, to prolong a good existence. You judge a happy life by the amount of drugs required.”

“It’s difficult to accept that the days when I didn’t believe I was facing death are over,” he concluded.

Savage’s remarks attracted a lot of criticism from social media users.

“As a bone marrow transplant nurse practitioner, his updates are inspiring and great.

Many people are unable to express their actual sentiments, and I believe that his remarks will assist others who are fighting for their life,” one user remarked.

STFU, you absolute d——-bag,” I think I speak for pretty much everyone when I say.

Megyn Kelly, a journalist, took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the

“Did you get hacked or are you just bad?” Rita Panahi, a columnist for the Herald Sun in Australia, agreed.

“Unfollowing,” tweeted California lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon.

The Rush Limbaugh Show debuted in 1988 and has since won numerous awards and accolades.

Only a few days after informing listeners of his condition, the longtime American radio broadcaster was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at Trump’s State of the Union address.

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