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Michael Strahan Teeth: Signature Gap becomes Prank



Micheal Strahan Teeth
Michael Strahan Teeth: The gap-tooth smile isn’t going away anytime soon.
The “Good Morning America” presenter admitted on Thursday that the hoax was an elaborate April Fools’ joke after stoking widespread debate over whether he had a dental operation to repair the gap between his two front teeth.

Michael The Prank on his Tooth Gap on the Instagram Video | Michael Strahan Teeth

Micheal Strahan Teeth

I know a lot of one were wondering, oh, it got to be an April Fools’ prank, he is got to be joking with the teeth, he must not have filled that gap, it’s his signature,” Strahan said while putting a mask over his sparkling whites in a Twitter video.
Strahan then drew his mask back down, showing his signature gap: “I wanted to wish everyone a Happy April Fools’ Day.
Man, come on. For the time being, the chasm will remain. I’m not leaving anytime soon. It’s a hit with my mother.”
The 49-year-old footballer began his April Fool’s hoax early on Tuesday, posting an Instagram video of himself in New York undergoing dental treatment to close his gap.

The Social Media Video on Michael’s Tooth Gap becomes A Joke | Michael Strahan Teeth

“It will be ‘don’t do it if I go home and say I’m going to do it.’ It will be ‘don’t do it if I post, ‘don’t do it if I talk to my friends,’ ‘don’t do it if I inform my business partners.’
But I have to do what I want for me,” Strahan says, adding that he is the “only one who knows.”
The video was released two days before April Fools’ Day, which is usually too early to be suspected of being a joke.
However, Volkswagen later walked back its March 29 name change announcement, stating it was made “in the spirit of April Fools’ Day.”

Even Strahan’s coworkers on “Good Morning America” weren’t sure | Michael Strahan Teeth

“When I phoned Michael, he was not available for comment. He’s presently on vacation, and I’ll add it’s suspiciously near to April Fools’ Day.
So we’ll have to wait and see that megawatt smile when Michael returns to the show next week,” “GMA” host Lara Spencer said on the show Wednesday.
In the movie, Strahan’s first dentist visit describes him receiving a mold of his teeth and telling the camera that it has been “fifty years in the making.”
During a subsequent appointment, he underwent a procedure and beamingly displayed a new pearly-white smile devoid of his customary gap. He exclaimed, “I adore it.”

Strahan claimed he was “surprised” by the response on Thursday

I had no idea that many people were concerned, he remarked. I appreciate all of the support for the gap, which I’ve enjoyed for nearly 50 years.
And a lot of folks would say things like, ‘Yeah, you make me feel good about sporting my own.’ It must have been a shock to watch it leave.”
A spokesperson for Strahan has been contacted by USA TODAY for more comment.
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