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MRS Potato Head Toys, Bette Midler Weighed In On The Mr. Potato



mrs potato head toys

MRS Potato Head Toys: Bette Midler weighed in on the Mr. Potato Head toy debate on Twitter this week, following Hasbro’s decision to rebrand the line.

The popular toy brand, which includes Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head, announced earlier this week that the line will be renamed “Potato Head” to “better reflect the whole collection.” However, neither Mr. Potato Head nor Mrs. Potato Head will be renamed, according to the company.

The outspoken actress didn’t appear bothered about the gender-neutral move in a tweet on Monday, but she did express concern about the variety of plastic body parts for each toy being able to detach and be kept in its backside.

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mrs potato head toys

The 75-year-old actor’s tweet received 13,000 likes, prompting criticism of the toy company’s choice.

With a GIF showing Mrs. and Mr. Potato Head from one of the “Toy Story” movies, one user wrote, “It’s good to know that Mrs Potato Head is there to help pack his… stuff.”

Commenters argued the firm was slipping into the trap of being hypervigilant after seeing the tweet, which sparked a political debate.

“People are concerned about the oddest things, and it is the absolute minority that causes the majority to suffer. There are some very sad folks out there. Society is paralysed by the dread of upsetting one or two (usually idiots). We need to stop pandering and start living a bit “another countered.

“Really? Are people now concerned about plastic toys? The meaning of effin toys is what people do when they have nothing better to do (obviously). Everything is out of control, “One user objected.

“While I agree that clothes and toys should not be gendered, who remembers using the Mr. and Mrs. components separately as a child? Isn’t it true that we all mixed them up? It doesn’t matter to kids. Why didn’t they just make a potato that didn’t have a gender and keep the Mr. and Mrs.? “reads another tweet.

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“Potatoes are self-pollinating, hence Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads never existed! But you’ve made me quite anxious about the’storage’ problem! I’ll never look at potatoes the same way again!” another made a joke.

Hasbro’s rebranding, according to Kimberly Boyd, senior vice president of global brands and general manager, reflects a more modern period, according to Fast Company.

Boyd told the newspaper, “Culture has evolved.” “Children want to be able to express their own feelings. The existing format of the brand — with the ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ — is restricting in terms of gender identification and family structure.”

Midler is notorious for her Twitter rants, most of which focus on the country’s present political split. She most recently went after the late Rush Limbaugh, only days after he died.

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The actress and singer shared a piece of artwork by Ron Hauge, a television writer and cartoonist, depicting eight members of the Ku Klux Klan dressed in their distinctive white hoods and robes. One, on the other hand, wears the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

At Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in 2020, Limbaugh received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

While the political cartoon was published less than a week after the news happened, she used Twitter on the day the radio host’s widow announced his death to imply that he was in Hell.

“#RushLimbaugh has already received his reward. I’m sure it’s sweltering “she penned

She also responded to former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich’s tweet honouring the radio star, calling Limbaugh’s death “a horrible time.”

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