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I Substituted Magical Eyedrops for My Reading Glasses

by Rahul
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My Eye Dr Presbyopia is a condition that affects my ability to see clearly, making it hard for me to see the things in front of you. Words and people can look a bit blurred around the edges sometimes, almost like a watercolor with a sodden brush.

To correct my nearsightedness since sixth grade, I also wear contact lenses. I also use reading glasses to see the world in close-up. I have a dozen pairs of all sizes and shapes.

I prefer big frames in primary colors, such as Sally Jessy Raphael and Carrie Donovan. Glasses are found in my desk drawers, sock drawers, junk drawer, under my couch cushions, under a pile mail, on my bedside tables, and on top my head.

I find it difficult to find the right pair, and sometimes I don’t know what strength I need. It all depends on the brand and quality of the lenses, as well as the lighting conditions in the room.

Because I am an editor at The fox 24×7 Book Review, I read for a living so I must be able see words on a page. Clearly!

My Eye Dr

Reading glasses were a way for me to express my individuality, free-spiritedness and freedom at 38. Or to summon the free spirit that I wished I had. They’re no longer appealing to me at 48 because I have become so dependent on them.

Because I am always on the move and cannot see my phone, I often miss emails and texts. Yes, I have increased the font size but I don’t want my children to be able read my screen from across my room.

Vuity is a new eye drop that helps people with blurred vision due to age. According to the Times article, a single Vuity eye drop can improve close-range vision for six hours. It also improves intermediate vision which is important for computer work for 10 hours. However, each individual’s experience may vary.

My optometrist did a quick eye exam and gave me a prescription. She warned that the drops might not be effective because my eyes have become accustomed to reading glasses.

At our next appointment, she said that we could discuss other options than “cheaters”. (Unless I am referring to my frumpy half glasses I wear while knitting, I try to avoid using this term. It strikes me as the “dungarees of the eye world.” Monovision, progressives and bifocals are the only ones I can find.

These lenses allow you to wear two types of contact lenses — one for close-up vision, one for distant vision — and your eyes will find a balance.

Vuity isn’t covered by insurance because it isn’t considered a medical necessity. I paid CVS $101.99 for a bottle that was about the length my pinkie fingers from tip to knuckle.

I have swallowed smaller prenatal vitamins. I put the drops in my change purse and drove home with my 18 year-old son. He thinks my collection is “mad strange.”

As directed by my doctor, I sat down on my couch in my living area and poured one drop into each eye. It didn’t work. This was not surprising as my eyeballs had been waiting a while. Miracles are not instant.

My husband texted me back about 20 minutes later. I was waiting outside the dance studio for my 14-year old daughter. It said, “Fig got you eye drops.” They are safe now, I believe.

But I don’t know for sure. Fig Newton, our 12 year old terrier mix, is a snarky, obedient dog who loves cardboard, plastic, and non-potable liquids.

Twin flashes of anger and concern followed by the thunderclap that accompanied an epiphany. I was reading my texts with no glasses. I was in a dark car! I could see all the emojis right down to the stripes on the Zebra and the holes in the Swiss cheese.

Although it wasn’t the moment the Velveteen Rabbit realized he was real, it felt significant.

In the warm glow of the dining room, I noticed that my texts had become fuzzy again. The drops can wear off in just a few hours and you can only use them once per day. My phone, then a book was still at arm’s reach.

This only exacerbated my double chin and made it difficult to give up my glasses. I felt like Charlie in Flowers for Algernon, slowly returning to my old self.

Even worse, my whites had a pinkish tint. Imagine Campbell’s tomato soup with an extra can milk. My daughter, 20, assured me that I didn’t look too high. She said, “But your eyes are larger than usual.”

The drops were ready when I woke up the next morning. I did not wait the 10 minutes recommended before inserting my contacts. I was unable to read the microscopic instructions so I missed this detail.

Vuity would have worked well for me, a nearsighted person with a prescription of -9.50 in each eye. I also wear an old pair of regular glasses. This extra time would have been worth it if Vuity had performed as promised. It didn’t.

My eyes retained their bloodshot, rheumy appearance for five days after I applied the drops. However, my close-up vision did not improve enough to warrant the purchase of reading glasses. They also caused burning when they were applied. This is not an acid-type of pain. It’s more like a lash in your eyes, but still very unpleasant.

Vuity was a great tool when I walked Fig in just a few hours after taking a dose. I was able to pause in a corner and look at my phone without having to search my pockets for glasses that would fog my skin.

Overall, however, the drops didn’t do enough to justify the $3 per day cost of a 30-day supply. They also didn’t provide the clarity I needed when reading. I gave the drops another chance, until I realized that they didn’t provide the extended clarity I needed when I was reading.

Perspective is one of the greatest perks of middle-age. You can see things exactly as they are meant to be, regardless of whether they are right in front or not. Wisdom is the gift of clarity. Even if your pupils and corneas don’t behave as they should, wisdom gives you the gift. Those eye bags, that gray hair?

These are my stripes. They’re earned with time, worry and tears, plus a little help from genetics. For the moment, I will continue to accessorize with the largest, most bizarre, and brightest glasses that I can find.

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