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Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Ways to Have the Best Side Character



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Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen: Although the ensemble of Jujutsu Kaisen is diverse, several characters stand out, such as Yuji’s sardonic mentor Kento Nanami.

Yuji Itadori, the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, is a strong guy with a selfless attitude and boundless courage that makes him one of the most appealing shonen heroes out there. Plus, he’s surrounded by a terrific primary ensemble, which includes the endearingly deranged Nobara, Megumi, the resident straight man, and Gojo, who is, well, Gojo.

Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen 10 Ways to Have the Best Side Character Stories

Nanami Jujutsu Kaisen

The series, however, is made up of a diverse ensemble of supporting characters, including the villains, upperclassmen from Tokyo Jujutsu High, and students and staff from Kyoto Jujutsu High, among others. While each spectator will have their own favourite, one of the best is the sarcastic salaryman Kento Nanami, who stands out for his attitude and prowess against curses.

1. His Hilarious Gojo Relationship

It’s no secret that Yuji’s ultra-powerful tutor, Satoru Gojo, is one of the series’ most beloved characters, but it’s Gojo’s interactions with other characters, as well as his distinct skills and humorous personality, that make him such an addition to the show.

Nanami and Gojo’s friendship is a classic case of “opposites attract,” as proven by Nanami’s long-suffering attitude toward Gojo, but that’s part of what makes watching them interact so entertaining. After all, the two are responsible for one of the funniest Juju Strolls ever made.

2. His Innate Technique Is One-Of-A-Kind

Nanami’s Innate Technique stands out in a world full of sorcerers with distinct Innate Techniques: by dividing an object with ten lines, Nanami may deliver a deadly critical hit on the seven-to-three ratio spot. This can be applied on anything ranging from potent curses to gigantic barriers to a single limb.

This strategy works so well because it’s both visually appealing, with the division diagrams providing pauses in otherwise frantic fight sequences, and it’s a wonderful match for Nanami’s analytical and meticulous attitude.

3. His Exceptional Fashion Sense

Nanami’s creative take on a salaryman’s everyday outfit — complete with a spotted tie to match his weapon and some extremely nice sunglasses — earns him some extra style points.

In a show like Jujutsu Kaisen, where the bulk of the characters wear variants on the same plain black uniform, Nanami’s fashion sense is especially welcome. Nanami instantly establishes himself as having a distinct mindset from Gojo and the other senior sorcerers by wearing something extremely different. Exorcising curses while dressed in a suit and tie takes a certain kind of person.

4. His Magnificent Binding Vow

Nanami, like the majority of jujutsu sorcerers, has made a Binding Vow with himself, which states that revealing his cursed skill to the opponent strengthens it. When Nanami uses this during a combat with Mahito, Mahito and the audience will both believe that this is his great disclosure of the war.

But then Nanami delivers one of the series’ most memorable lines to Mahito: “I’m going into overtime now.” Nanami, it turns out, has made a Binding Vow to himself, limiting his cursed energy output when “on the clock” for Tokyo Jujutsu High — but it’s a different storey when 6 PM arrives. One of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most rewarding moments has to be seeing Nanami take off his tie and shed his salaryman character.

5. Yuji was mentored by him.

Nanami’s cool-headed seriousness pairs well with Yuji’s hot-headed, exuberant nature in battle, but that’s not the only reason it’s entertaining to see the two characters interact. Nanami’s quieter, more focused style certainly teaches Yuji a lot, and seeing him helps Yuji grow as a character.

It also means that Gojo isn’t Yuji’s exclusive mentor, allowing him to blend in seamlessly with the world of jujutsu sorcerers as he makes ties outside of the primary characters.

6. His deadpan demeanour

Yuji, Todo, and Nobara are just a few of the characters in Jujutsu Kaisen who have a bit of a hot blood. Then there’s Gojo, who, while laid-back, is far from being a quiet character.

Then there’s Nanami, who stands out from the rest of the ensemble by approaching his work — and everything else — with a strictly businesslike attitude. This cool stoicism only adds to his awesomeness in battle, as he fights some of the most potent curses imaginable without a single hair out of place.

7. His Unspoken Generosity

Because Nanami has such a harsh demeanour, his few acts of generosity have an even greater impact. He has more of a heart than he lets on, as evidenced by him soothing Yuji after he had to slay transfigured people.

Nanami maintains that he returned to exorcising curses because it was “less foolish” than working as a salaryman, and that he approaches it like any other office job, it’s clear that he genuinely cares about people.

8. The Fact That He Dropped Out of Tokyo Jujutsu High School

The majority of the action in Jujutsu Kaisen takes place in Tokyo Jujutsu High, with most of the jujutsu sorcerers Yuji encounters there or at the Kyoto sister school being either staff or fellow students.

As a result, Nanami is one of the few characters who intentionally opted to leave the school after graduation, though he eventually returned to the world of jujutsu sorcerers. This makes Nanami feel like an outcast among the cast, which makes her all the more interesting.

9. How Approachable He Is

In shonen anime, there aren’t many beaten-down salarymen, but Nanami demonstrates why characters with more mundane backgrounds may be the most compelling. While there are certainly no jujutsu sorcerers within the audience, many fans can connect to Nanami’s frustration with his soul-crushing office job. Who doesn’t become irritated when they’re asked to work overtime?

His dependability not only makes viewers cheer for him even more, but it also makes seeing him on the show a welcome form of escapism as they slip into his extremely sensible dress shoes.

10. His Incredible Fighting Ability Despite His Understatement

Nanami may not be as powerful as his friend Gojo, but he still has some of the most astounding fighting talents of any jujutsu sorcerer hidden beneath his calm exterior. In addition to being a Grade 1 Sorcerer, he held the record for the most Black Flashes in a row until Yuji tied it — despite the fact that he dismissed it as luck.

It’s fascinating to witness someone who appears to be quite “regular” on the surface become one of the series’ most powerful characters. Nanami provides some of the show’s most thrilling scenes, making him a memorable supporting character.

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