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Explore the Best 10 Amazing Pieces of Nezuko Fan Art We Love Anime



Nezuko Fanart

Nezuko Fan Art: from Demon Slayer has swiftly become one of anime’s most famous female characters, as evidenced by these ten fan art pieces.

Mizuko was not only one of the most popular characters in the Demon Slayer anime, but she also became immediate meme material. Or, perhaps, because she became an internet meme, a slew of new followers flocked to learn more about this adorable pink-haired child with her mouth tied shut.

10 Amazing Pieces of Nezuko Fan Art

Nezuko Fanart

Mizuko has gained popularity among male and female fans of the Demon Slayer anime, which is difficult for any anime character to achieve. While both sides of the fandom have different reasons for liking her, there’s no disputing that she’s become one of the most lovable characters in the series. Here are some fan tributes to her in honor of her fame.

Ellioranthe is an artist

When Tanjiro discovers that his family has been slain and that his sister has turned into a half-demon, he assumes responsibility for her right away. Nezuko is depicted in the anime wearing her signature pink outfits, which have been beautifully replicated in this image. Her wonderfully drawn hair, with crimson ends that match the red field of flowers Nezuko, is seated in, deserves special note.


One of Nezuko’s most charming features is her adorableness, as seen in this fan art piece. While most artists choose to focus on Nezuko’s facial expressions and clothing, this one picked an unusual angle that highlights her boots, which are one of her most distinctive traits.

Asuka111 is a Japanese artist

Cat boys and girls are extremely popular in Japan, owing to their “moe” aspect. This means that Japanese people prefer cats to dogs—or any other animal—and they appreciate incorporating cat-like qualities into anime characters and artwork.

While Nezuko isn’t transformed into a catgirl, she can be seen doing the “nyah” posture with her hands, which resembles a cat’s adorable paws.

Evan Scale is an artist

This painting screams “adorable,” especially since it was created in the Japanese “chibi” style, which is a genre of art in which characters are downsized and turned into a caricature-like version of themselves, and, as we all know, “smaller” inevitably implies “cuter.”

We can’t decide which part of this art is cuter: the chibi Nezuko or the chibi demon umbrella over her head!

Violetta chibi artx is an artist who creates chibi art

Another chibi-type Nezuko illustration, but this time in a different chibi style. Unlike the previous art, in which all of Nezuko’s features were proportionately decreased, this one emphasizes Nezuko’s massive face, which contrasts sharply with her tiny body.

Her eyes, with their very long and wavy lashes, are, without a doubt, the most attractive feature of hers.

Serafleur is a French artist

Everyone knows that anime has its own own style, which is significantly different from the cartoons produced in the United States. Both sides, however, lack realistic art styles, which fans are used to seeing in video games.

Here’s a piece of Nezuko fan art that seems incredibly natural despite being digitally painted and gives us an excellent picture of what Nezuko might look like if she were a real human girl.

Andythelemon_ is an artist

While realistic painting techniques are uncommon, Japanese figures in a distinctively Western-style are rare.

Fans of American comic books, particularly Marvel and DC, will recognize that this art design aligns with the typical American comic book look. In any case, the brother-sister combination looks stunning in this work of art.

Taxicabreros is the name of the artist

Chibi art differs from children’s artwork in that chibis are just shrunken adults, whereas children are unmistakably children. This charming Nezuko fan art depicts a newborn Nezuko sprinting in the wind, her large garments flowing behind her.

Artgerm is the name of the artist

It’s great to witness traditional art in a world when technology has taken over every part of our life, including painting. When classic art depicts one’s favorite character, as in this painting, the enjoyment is amplified. While most painters represent Nezuko in cool pinks and reds, artist art germ chose warmer colors like orange and green, contrasting with Nezuko’s characteristic pink.

Taxicabreros is the name of the artist

This is the second inclusion in this list of artist taxicaberos, and for good reason! Their Nezuko fan art is almost as good as the anime’s official artwork.

One might mistake this fan art for a tracing of Nezuko’s character, but if one looks closely, minor discrepancies between this fan art and Nezuko’s official image can be seen, with the most noticeable difference being the colour of the kimonos in both pictures!

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