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Niagara Falls Frozen: Long Periods Of Subzero Temperatures



niagara falls frozen

Niagara Falls Frozen: Long periods of subzero temperatures, mixed with devious science, have resulted in this remarkable phenomenon.

Let’s look at the facts about Niagara Falls freezing and the history of big ice storms.

Is it true that Niagara Falls Frozen is over?

niagara falls frozen

That’s not the case. Ice could obstruct the passage of water further up the river prior to 1964, causing the volume of water on the US side of the Falls to freeze.

Before steel ice-booms were installed to avoid huge ice accumulations, this happened five times. The freezing effect you’ve observed recently is comparable to that of any other frozen river or lake.

Ice forms on the water’s surface and in the air, but there is still plenty of water flowing. A total freeze is practically impossible due to the volume of water that makes up Niagara Falls and the continual movement of the river.

Water can freeze as it flows over the falls, forming a vast pile of ice below that can be well over 40 feet thick. This is what makes the ice buildup so dramatic and magnificent.

The magnificent ice formations you see here are the result of this phenomenon. However, if you look closely, you can see that parts of the falls are still flowing normally.

How often does anything like this happen?

Ice forms on the river frequently during the winter. Depending on how many days or weeks of prolonged cold impact the area, the size of the ice collection at the base of the falls will vary.

When extreme cold occurs for extended periods, as during polar vortex episodes in 2014 and 2015, large collections of ice formed are photographed as “frozen falls.”

Is walking on the ice safe?

No! Ice on a swiftly moving body of water, such as the one at the base of the Falls, is extremely dangerous. People were allowed to walk on the ice bridge about a century ago, and it became a common element of the winter attraction, but that changed after three lives were lost due to ice breakage.

Are you planning a trip to the frozen falls?

If you’ve come to see the winter wonderland, here’s how to spend your day at Niagara Falls, from lunch to follow-up activities to dinner, beverages, and where to stay the night.

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