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Nicole Frenzel and Big Brother talk about their son



Nicole Franzel

Nicole Franzel of Big Brother spoke out about her son’s frightening trip to the ER last week. Nicole and Victor have a five-month-old boy.

Nicole Franzel of Big Brother spoke out about her son’s frightening journey to the emergency department last week. Nicole and her fellow Big Brother alum Victor Arroyo announced at the start of this year that they were expecting their first child together. A few months later, they married in a small Florida wedding.

Nicole and Victor gave birth to their first child in July.

Nicole Franzel

Nicole and Victor brought their first child, a son, into the world in July. Victor Arroyo IV was the name given to the infant by the couple, in keeping with Victor’s family tradition. Nicole and Victor came up with a unique nickname for their son because they didn’t want him to be called “junior” or “small.”

Despite the fact that his formal name is Victor, Nicole and Victor refer to their kid as “Arrow.” The pair has been adjusting to becoming first-time parents for the past few months.

Nicole and Victor have had a difficult time adjusting to their new situation. Arrow’s recent trip to the emergency room was discussed by the season 18 winner. Late Monday, Nicole uploaded a lengthy Instagram post with very intimate photographs from inside the hospital. Nicole told her followers late last week that Arrow had a rash all over his body, but that he was acting normally. Nicole was concerned since she and her family had recently been diagnosed with COVID-19.

While the doctors first assured Nicole that she had nothing to be concerned about, she subsequently surprised supporters by disclosing that she had spent the night in the emergency hospital with Arrow. “A couple days ago I sank to my knees imploring God to help Arrow,” Nicole wrote in a recent post. Fortunately, her prayers were heard.

Nicole revealed her worry as she and Victor struggled to figure out what was wrong with their 4-month-old son. Arrow’s family spent the night in the hospital while doctors ran tests on him and rehydrated him with fluids. Nicole shared some of the few images she had sent to her parents while in the hospital in the post. She said that she chose not to upload them because she was distressed by how sick Arrow appeared in them.

Nicole did not go into depth about what was wrong with Arrow, but she did promise to be more open and honest on social media in the future to avoid her account becoming a “highlight reel.” Nicole acknowledged that the previous month had been very trying for her and her family. Victor’s life has “been [one] hurdle after another” since his vehicle accident.

Thankfully, Big Brother’s parents and their adorable baby boy have returned home. Nicole has been posting photographs and videos of Arrow smiling and joyful, indicating that he is doing much better. Fans should anticipate to hear more details about Nicole’s terrifying hospital visit in the coming future, based on her tweet.

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