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Noah’s Event Venue: Sudden Closure Effect Their Buisness



Noah's Event Venue

Noah’s Event Venue: These couples’ wedding dates were often only a few weeks or months away.

When Noah’s filed for bankruptcy last year, the company had 42 outlets in 25 states, including one on Yorkmont Road near Charlotte-Douglas Airport. Noah’s Charlotte facility remained open until February, despite the bankruptcy.

Debt in Millions and it affects many people of Noah’s Event Venue

Noah's Event Venue

The Utah-based corporation is reportedly $53 million in debt, according to bankruptcy records. An attorney representing Noah’s has given interviews, stating that refunds are doubtful and that the closures might affect up to 7,500 people.

If you look up Noah’s on Facebook, you’ll find multiple groups dedicated to couples who have been affected by the brand’s abrupt closure.

Sadonna Smith is an example of a bride like this. She and her fiancé were arranging a wedding at the venue on May 1. She claims they paid $6,000 to reserve their position, only to receive a closing notification from one of their vendors. She claims she hadn’t spoken with Noah’s about the problem before the phone conversation.

My heart dropped to my ankles

when Smith discovered she would have to locate a new location fewer than 90 days before her wedding, she says.

“I was so proud of myself for having such a stress-free wedding preparation process,” she adds before that.

Smith was particularly angry with herself since she had heard that numerous other Noah’s shops had shuttered earlier this year. ‘Oh, that’s probably a tiny town,’ I thought. Charlotte is my name. It isn’t going to be an issue in this place.’

Smith claims she drove to Noah’s shortly after learning of the closure to gain additional information. Inside, there were still personnel, but they were just as ignorant as she was. “‘What’s going on?’ I asked.

‘Ma’am, we know just as much as you do, and we just lost our jobs,’ they said, bless their hearts.

Since then, Smith has gotten an email from Noah’s informing him of the closure, although it is unclear whether or not he would provide reimbursements.

It doesn’t say you were getting your money back

The Agenda received the email form, Smith. The venue claims in the letter that it has “tried exceedingly hard to reorganise operations to continue holding events, but unfavourable publicity, along with the court ruling, has rendered it difficult to maintain present operations.”

According to the email, Noah’s Event Venue had been operating in Charlotte for three years. They had accommodated over 10,000 events, “including hundreds of couples who had lost their event date at other venues due to short notice.”

We’ve always been willing to help these couples, and we’re convinced that your network of merchants would as well.”

When we tried to contact the venue, we disconnected the phone line, and an email went unanswered.

The North Carolina Department of Justice has received six complaints

Unfortunately, we are quite constrained in what we can seek to do to resolve the complaint with the company due to the automatic bankruptcy stay, the current stage of the bankruptcy case, and the fact that the bankruptcy trustee represented that the business is practically gone.

Because the situation involves a Utah corporation in Utah bankruptcy court, our office has shared the complaints we received with the Utah Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office for examination,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed recommends aggrieved spouses file a complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office.

Smith and her attorney fiancé, on the other hand, aren’t giving up. They’ve started disputing the venue’s monthly charges with their credit card company in the hopes of recouping their $6,000. So far, they’ve received $1,000 in return.

The Honeymoon Plan is Cancelled due to Buisness loss

The couple was able to secure a new wedding site without postponing their May 1 wedding date. Smith claims that the fact that they intended to marry on a Friday helped.

Though they were able to save their wedding, the couple is now dealing with the financial consequences of Noah’s Event Venue abrupt closure. They had planned to go on a honeymoon, but after losing Noah’s deposit and having to start over, they won’t be able to afford it.

“Of course, we’re disappointed, and it’s been a stressful situation for us.” “It’s taken us a while,” Smith admits, attempting to seem upbeat. “But all we want is for people to join us in celebrating and being happy.”

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