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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nobara Kugisaki



Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara Kugisaki is one of the key characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, yet she is largely unknown to fans. Along with first-year students Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki is one of the three primary characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. Fans adore her for her loud, confident demeanour, and she has swiftly established herself as one of shonen anime’s most popular new female protagonists.

Despite the fact that Nobara is one of the series’ most prominent characters, fans know very little about her. Her origin is still veiled in mystery by the end of the first season, and many aspects of her personality have yet to be thoroughly explored.

Her Hair Is Dyed | Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara Kugisaki


The anime depicts Nobara as having ginger hair. Unlike Yuji’s bright pink hair, which is clearly dyed, Nobara’s hair appears to be quite natural and might easily be mistaken for her natural hair colour.

Despite the fact that her ginger hair appears to be genuine, her natural hair colour is much darker. She dyes her hair because she likes the way it looks, and her ginger hair, while not authentic, complements her aesthetic nicely.

She was born on August 7th, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Nobara is 16 years old when the series begins, making her the oldest of the three first-year students at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Her zodiac sign is Leo because she was born on August 7th.

In many respects, Nobara is a classic Leo. She is self-assured in her talents and is a natural leader, as she demonstrated during the Roppongi training expedition when she boldly sets out on her own despite Yuji’s request to collaborate. She is also fearless and strong, refusing to shrink in fear even when outmanned by her foes or confronted with a particularly potent Curse.

Sunny Day Service’s “Seishun Kyosokyoku” and Natsuko Nisshoku’s “Ano Depaato” are her theme songs.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s music has gained worldwide praise, and the show’s musical taste extends to its cast of characters. Each of the main characters has a theme song that reflects their personality, with a variety of genres featured, ranging from rock to jazz.

Nobara’s theme song is “Seishun Kyosokyoku” by Sunny Day Service and “Ano Depaato” by Natsuko Nisshoku, according to the show’s creator, Gege Akutami. Sunny Day Service started in the 1990s, and their smooth, uncomplicated rock sound complements Nobara’s cool attitude and upbringing in the country. Natsuko Nisshoku’s sincere voice and plucky piano playing are an excellent metaphor for Nobara’s ingenuity and passion.

Balenciaga and Onitsuka Tiger are two of her favourite brands.

Shopping is one of Nobara’s favourite pastimes. Because her country village is small, she didn’t have many opportunity to buy when she was little. She spends her leisure time now that she resides in Toko roaming around the city, going to stores and trying on clothing.

Nobara is a fashionista who adores designer labels. She has a high-end sense of style and appreciates both domestic and international labels. Balenciaga, for example, is her favourite designer brand from Spain, while Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese company, makes her favourite shoes.

The words “nail” and “rose” appear in her names.

Fans who do not speak Japanese are likely unaware that Nobara’s name has numerous meanings. Nobara is a combination of the terms no (which means “wilderness”) and bara (which means “rose”). As a result, her first name conjures up images of nature, alluding to her upbringing in the country and her outgoing disposition.

Meanwhile, her surname consists of two distinct nouns with distinct meanings. Ironically, the character for “nail” appears in the first word of her surname, kugi, while the second word, saki, signifies “peninsula.” Because she employs nails in her Straw Doll Technique, the moniker Kugisaki is a wonderful fit for her.

Her Grandmother Persuaded Her To Attend Tokyo Jujutsu High School

Before she joined in Tokyo Jujutsu High, little is known about Nobara’s family or life. A flashback in episode 3, “Girl of Steel,” shows that Nobara felt obliged to leave her homeland when her friend, Saori, was ignored by the villagers due to her Tokyo origins.

Nobara was inspired to travel to Tokyo in order to reunite with her friend, but it was her grandmother who persuaded her to enrol at Tokyo Jujutsu High. It’s unclear whether Nobara’s grandmother was aware that she was a sorceress, but fans should be grateful that she persuaded her granddaughter to relocate to Tokyo because the show would be significantly less intriguing without her.

She’s only 5’3″ tall.”

Nobara has a strong personality and speaks loudly even when she is in public. Her cheerful personality and physical strength make her appear rather enormous on film, especially when she throws Yuji around like a ragdoll despite the fact that he weighs close to 170 pounds.

Nobara is only 5’3″ in real life “tall, which is somewhat taller than the average height for a 16-year-old Japanese girl. Fans would never guess she’s not as tall as her fellow first-years based on the way she lords them about.

She like sweet and popular foods.

While she isn’t as visible as Yuji when it comes to eating, Nobara is a serious foodie. Aside from an aversion for gently pickled veggies, she is not a finicky eater and will eat anything from pizza to her favourite dish, watermelon.

She enjoys eating out during her shopping trips to Tokyo, and she particularly appreciates trying popular and sweet cuisine. When Yuji proposes a sushi restaurant that delivers platters of sushi via bullet train, she gets very thrilled, and they both fantasise about eating sushi together at the end of their mission in Roppongi.

Her Straw Doll Technique has the potential to harm the soul.

Although Nobara’s Straw Doll Technique appears to be simple, it is clearly one of the series’ most powerful techniques. By using her hammer to fire her cursed energy-infused nails at adversaries at close range or at a distance, she is extremely adaptable in combat.

Nobara’s Technique can destroy her opponent’s soul in addition to delivering huge levels of physical damage by piercing her target and flooding it with her cursed energy. This means that her methods are also effective against Mahito, who is immune to physical strikes thanks to his Idle Transfiguration Technique. Nobara’s array of techniques is one of the most effective in the series, and she matches up effectively against all but the fastest Curses.

She values honesty beyond all else.

One of Nobara’s best qualities is her willingness to be herself. She is a genuine individual who does not strive to impress others or pass herself off as someone she is not. Her willingness to be true to herself is one of the reasons she has become such a popular character, with admirers admiring her self-assurance and ability.

During the Goodwill Event, Nobara’s genuineness is on full display in her clash with Momo Nishimiya. Nishimiya laments that female jujutsu sorcerers must be both attractive and powerful, but Nobara disagrees. Nobara says passionately just before knocking Nishimaya out that she will only ever be herself and refuses to strive to match people’ expectations. This is certainly one of Nobara’s most epic moments in Season 1, and it’s going to become a series classic.

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