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10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Nott The Brave



Nott The Brave

Nott The Brave: Critical Role The Brave is significantly more than meets the eye on the surface. She’s got a long history and plenty of eccentricities.

Critical Role is likely the most well-known Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game currently available. The series has a lot of nerd support, with two seasons under its belt, multiple comic lines, and an animated television series coming to Netflix thanks to fan backing.

10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Nott The Brave Anime Stories

Nott The Brave

The Mighty Nein are the focus of the second season. Fjord, Caleb, Nott, Jester, Caduceus, Beau, and Yasha make up the team. Each character has their own eccentricities and motives for joining the group on their adventures. Nott the Brave, a Goblin Arcane Trickster Rogue played by Sam Riegel, is the smallest of the four groups. There may be some facts about her that you don’t know, so here are ten things you should know, but beware of huge spoilers.

1. She’s a boozehound.

Nott is known for always having a bottle or flask in her hands, although it’s unclear how serious her alcohol addiction is. She needs a little liquid encouragement when she’s fighting beasts that are 2 to 5 times her size on a daily basis, which she has on hand thanks to Pumat Sol’s charmed flask.

Her alcoholism is linked to a shift in her personality. Jester, who is concerned for her buddy, is forced to intervene and save Nott from herself. Nott has a moment of lucidity, but quickly returns to the jokes by stating that she would only drink from 11:30 a.m. until 11 p.m.

2. The Hungry Nott

When Nott meets new people, one of the first things she says is how different she is from the other Goblins, particularly in that she does not eat human children. However, it was eventually discovered that she did, in fact, eat a human child’s body part, describing it as “goulash.”

Nott has been known to consume a variety of other animals in addition to newborns. Rats are a favourite of both Beauregard and Nott, though Nott prefers them raw. She has also stated that she had eaten Frumpkin, Caleb’s familiar, on two separate occasions, despite Frumpkin’s lack of hostile behaviour against her.

3. Fire that is friendly

It’s simple to mistakenly murder other members of your party or yourself in Dungeons & Dragons. Percy assisted in the death of Vex in the first season by setting up a trap, but he did not do the damage, so he did not kill a member of his team.

Nott, on the other hand, was the one who pulled the trigger on a fellow M9er. Nott fired an exploding arrow into a tiny region in Duplicity during a combat where Caduceus was already hurt. She kills the incubus admirably, but the area of effect of the exploding arrow forces Caduceus to fail his final death save, killing him.

4. The First Campaign Character of the Opposite Gender

Chris Perkins made an appearance as the Goliath Fighter Shale during the events of the first campaign. It was the first time a character on Critical Role had a player of the opposing gender. Other visitors, such as Mark Hulmes as Calianna and Liam O’Brien as Lieve’tel Toluse, have done the same.

Nott is the first primary campaign character with a male and female counterpart. Nott is dubbed by Sam Reigel, a male voice actor, despite the fact that her being a Goblin lends itself well to the crackly voice he has crafted for her.

5. Petty Thievery

Nott the Brave, like most Goblins, is a collector. She and Jester discuss her collection of sticks, which are walking sticks, rocks, which are jewels, and other bizarre stuff in one of her earliest and most famous lines. While this could have been a mistake, Nott has no qualms about extending her collection by grabbing anything she can.

Nott has stolen 128 items over the course of the campaign. Several rings, potions, a large sum of money, a doorknob, four horses, and a revolver are among the things. Despite the fact that we know what she’s doing with the most of the stuff, she does have some sticky fingers, especially when it comes to shiny objects.

6. She Began Her Life As A Halfling

Nott the Goblin was not always Nott the Brave. Because she was born a Halfling, she has lived the lives of two people. She was born Veth Brenatto and raised in a halfling community with a guy named Yeza Brenatto. When Goblins attacked Felderwin, she diverted their attention long enough for her family to flee.

She was taken to a witch and drowned in a river after being captured and tormented by the Goblins after she burned the chief’s face with acid. She was a Goblin when she awoke. This was the result of a Resurrection magic, according to Sam, however no further specifics have been provided.

7. Anagram

Nott the Brave and Veth Brenatto appear to be the polar opposites of naming customs, yet they hide a secret. While Nott has stated numerous times that she selected the name because of everything she was not, she could be concealing the truth, as she frequently does.

Because Nott the Brave and Veth Brenatto are anagrams, this is the case. This means her name’s letters have been rearranged to form a new word. Fans aren’t sure who came up with the moniker originally, although it was most likely Nott the Brave. This minor information escaped fans for a brief time before Veth’s name was written down and fans were able to connect the dots.

8. Her Twisted Self-Portrait

Sam’s interpretation of the character prompted him to consider what the past she was hiding and work backwards from there. One of the ways he achieved this was by amplifying Veth’s vices to unbelievable degrees. One of the most obvious was her alcohol consumption. Nott is an alcoholic, although Veth enjoyed a glass of wine now and then.

One of these is her proclivity for stealing. Veth amassed a collection of things that piqued her curiosity. That interest grew as Nott grew older, and she began stealing to add to her collection. Finally, her general demeanour became perverted. Nott, unlike Veth, is a sneaky girl who prefers to remain undetected as much as possible.

9. She is the mother of two sons.

Caleb and Nott were paired together because they had formed a strong bond. “Caleb and I have a very special relationship,” Nott says. It’s the relationship between a parent and a child. However, I am the parent. Do you comprehend what I’m saying? I am his guardian. “He’s my boy,” I say. She maintains this throughout the campaign as well.

Nott, like Veth, does, however, have a biological son named Luc. Nott has been sending Luc gifts with money and trinkets during the campaign, but she is only discovered when she comes home. Luc, on the other hand, does not believe she is his mother, therefore he rejects Nott, making her fearful of giving him the truth.

10. Despite its little size, it is deadly.

Caleb has 14 more kills than Nott, so she isn’t technically the Mighty Nein’s deadliest member. She also doesn’t have the most kills per episode, as Caduceus holds that title with 32 kills in a single episode. Her longevity is one area where she shines.

She has the largest range of the Mighty Nein, with 54 kills spread throughout 32 episodes. It’s vital to note that Caduceus is one of those kills, therefore she’s also the most dangerous to the Mighty Nein. While she might not be the most lethal on any given day, give her a few and she’ll show you what she’s capable of.

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