offensive jokes

Offensive Jokes: There’s no need to be embarrassed if you laugh at these R-rated jokes or share them to your pals, but keep them out of the office!

These jokes are so filthy that you’ll have to wash them afterward, or at the very least have your partner do it for you.

These messed up jokes will have you shaking your head and cringing at the same time once you’ve rinsed off the soap. It feels both wrong and right at the same time.

These puns, like COVID-19, are easy to come by and may land you in isolation for a while if you mention them to the wrong crowd. Now that we’ve given you an improper warning, check out the collection of 50 adult-only jokes below!

Offensive Jokes

offensive jokes

Offensive Jokes List

1. What did the chicken hear from the oven?

“I’m so excited to have you inside of me.”

2. What do amputees and alcoholics have in common?

They’re both devoid of legs.

3. What is my favourite aspect about my grandfather?

His life insurance policy was cancelled.

4. Why do guys have such a hard time solving puzzles after taking Viagra?

Because they are becoming increasingly difficult.

5. How is my girlfriend different from an umbrella?

Only one of them is ever drenched.

6. What do washing machines and 15-year-old boys have in common?

They each choose to keep one sock for themselves.

7. When does a joke turn into a dad joke?

When it vanishes and never reappears

8. What do you get when a loaf of bread meets a vagina?

An infection caused by yeast

9. The child inquired, “Why is my sister’s name Rose?” “It’s because your mother adores roses.” Cocaine, you already knew that.” The father replied.

10. How do you refer to a paraplegic trapped in a tower?

In a pickle

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11. I had a particularly awful day today. My mother-in-law was struck by a cab, and I lost my cab driving job!

12. What is the difference between onions and my grandmother who is no longer alive?

When I was cutting up the onions, I sobbed.

What do celebrities and Americans have in common?

They both enjoy blasting things up.

14. How do you figure out where COVID-19 is made?

It will feature a “Made in China” sticker on the bottom.

15. How do you know if you’ve stepped into a session for sex addicts?

You will be thanked by the psychologist for coming.

16. What do you get when you cross Kurt Cobain and a duck?

An overabundance of quack

17. What is dry and hard on the inside and soft and wet on the outside?

Gum bubbles

18. What is the connection between my lover and instant noodles?

They’re both finished in under two minutes.

19. What is the best way to tell if a fisherman is single?

He’ll be a Master Baiter in no time.

20. What are the similarities between KFC and a brothel?

There are a lot of greasy ladies in both of them.

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21. What is it about Mrs. Claus that makes Santa Claus so irritated?

He only comes once a year, thus

22. What is the greatest joke ever told?


23. How do you refer to a shrimp who enjoys smoking marijuana?

Marijuana with seafood

24. What is a terrorist’s favourite late-night cartoon?

Osamas in their pyjamas

25. How do you tell the difference between a puppy farm and a dump?

There are more puppies at a puppy farm.

26. Did the spider say anything to the toilet?

You scared the very daylights out of me!

27. What is it about obesity jokes that makes them so offensive?

Because obese folks already have a lot on their plates.

28. When a racist is drowning, what do you throw at him?

His family includes his wife and children.

29. Which Disney princess is Bill Cosby’s favourite?

Sleeping Beauty is a fictional character.

30. What do you call an Australian who is vacationing in the United Kingdom?

Getting back to the crime site.

31. Why are carpenters never horny when they get home from work?

Because they’ve already spent the entire day hammering and putting things together.

32. What is the most damaging item your sibling might take from you?

Your virginity is still intact.

33. What’s four-legged and has a hand?

In a daycare centre, there is a lion.

34. Can you tell me the difference between $50 and my child?

When I lose money, I’m concerned.

35. How do you know if your dishwasher isn’t working?

She’ll be sleeping right next you.

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36. How should you react if you see a car accident?


37. How many bunnies are required to keep a person warm?

It depends on the size of their skins.

38. Is there anything more heartbreaking than watching a sibling drown?

Obtaining a water bill

39. What is the difference between a painting of Jesus and Jesus?

To hang the photo frame, all you’ll need is a single nail.

40. What do drug dealers and gay guys have in common?

They get a lot of crack from each other.

41. What is it about gardening that your grandmother enjoys so much?

She enjoys getting down on her knees and being dirty.

42. What is the function of a sibling-like laxative?

They’re both a pain in the neck.

43. What makes chipmunks such good girlfriends?

They’re accustomed to eating nuts.

44. Do your husband and my children have anything in common?

My boobs have been seen by all.

45. How do you tell the difference between a remote control and a G-spot?

My hubby is going to look for a remote control.

46. Why do women make up such a small percentage of copywriters?

Because there are simply too many of them.

47. In a hot air balloon, what do you call Snoop Dogg?

This is higher than usual.

48. Where can you never eat with an orphan?

A restaurant that caters to families

49. What makes cats such a good experimental animal?

They have nine lives because

50. Why do geeks enjoy tennis so much?

Because it’s the only love they’ll ever receive.

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