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Mom And Son – Ohiyo Man Rescue Mother & Son



mom and son

Drone footage shows an Ohio guy rescuing a lady and her 10-year-old son off a North Carolina beach

mom and sonMom and son : Over the Fourth of July weekend in North Carolina, an 18-year-old Ohio man was commended for saving a woman and her 10-year-old son in a rescue that was captured on film.

Travis Shrout of Stow, Ohio, said he had swum a long distance at Topsail Beach with his family on July 3 when he observed the woman and her son struggling in the water, according to FOX 8 of Cleveland.

Shrout’s family had exited the water, but a family friend, Thad Unkefer, wanted to test the tracking capabilities of his drone, so Shrout opted to return, according to the station.

After the rescue, Unkefer uploaded the footage to YouTube.

“‘Help!’ I thought I heard, but it was such an odd circumstance. ‘Are you all right?’ I said, and she replied, ‘No.’

” The mother and her son were spotted by Shrout, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. “I started swimming out to her right away.”

He told FOX 8 that when he originally approached the mother, her youngster was standing directly next to her, but “By the time I arrived, he had been sucked out about 15 feet.

That current was travelling at such a breakneck speed.”

His YMCA lifeguard skills came in, he claimed, and he handed the mother the bodyboard he had been using while he rushed to get her youngster.

He reported there were no lifeguards on the beach at the time.

He told FOX 8 that he “simply started swimming as fast as I could out to the 10-year-old youngster.”

“In the water, he was going up and down. He’d probably fallen four or five times by this point.”

Shrout instructed the youngster to lean back while he climbed underneath and supported the boy’s weight.

Shrout returned the boy to his mother and the bodyboard in a flash.

He told FOX 8 that “there were a couple of waves that came over our heads and I didn’t know how many more of those waves were going to arrive.”

“All of us were completely drowned. So that was a little frightening.”

He instructed them at one point that they should just hold on to the bodyboard and float because they weren’t getting any closer to the beach.

“We’re no longer in immediate danger. We can get in, you know “Shrout stated that he informed the two.

The Beacon Journal said that when they got closer to shore, another man, Andrew Leonard, pulled out a second bodyboard and assisted them in pulling them in.

“That last couple of metres in that push, I was fatigued,” Shrout told FOX 8.

“Without that, I don’t think I would have been able to get them out.”

Before the rescue, he indicated he had been swimming for one to two hours.

Gretia Grayson Shrout, who was observing the action from the shore, stated, “I was watching him and I stepped up to tell him to come in because he was getting too far out and I couldn’t figure out why he was swimming out so far.”

“The splashing caught my attention, and we recognised what was going on.

As a mother, your inclination is to leap in and save your child, but I’m not sure I’m a strong enough swimmer to do it.

I couldn’t help myself. It was a sensation of sheer helplessness.”

When they arrived at the beach, the rescued mother quickly hugged Shrout, she told the Beacon Journal.

“She was crying and said, ‘God sent Travis to save us because we were going to die.'”

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