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One Million Snickers, Candy Bars ?



one million snickers

One Million Snickers: Snickers didn’t succeed in changing Halloween’s date, but it kept its pledge to give away free candy.

Sign up for a gift card redeemable for one bag of Snickers Fun Size bars worth $3.90 at, which will be available through October 31 or while supplies last. The duration of the giveaway will vary.

Snickers pledged 1 million free fun size bars if the federal government formally recognised a Saturday Halloween in response to the Halloween & Costume Association’s petition to relocate Halloween to the last Saturday in October.

One Million Snickers, Candy Bars ?

one million snickers

The petition, which Party City also endorses, has over 150,000 signatures. Still, after some backlash, the initiative morphed into a new day of celebration called National Trick or Treat Day.

In a news release, Josh Olken, the candy brand director, said, “We promised a million SNICKERS, and regardless of the date, we’re going to deliver.” “We want everyone to have a happy Halloween, whether fans eat their free SNICKERS or pass them out to trick-or-treaters.”

More than 55,500 gift cards will be distributed at various periods, according to the rules of the offer. When the day’s provisions run out, a notice stating “we need to refill our bowl” will be displayed.

Each functioning telephone number is limited to one gift card.

The campaign began after Snickers joined a debate sparked by a petition urging the federal government to move Halloween from October 31 to the final Saturday in October. Snickers claims that the new date will “promote a longer, safer, and more exciting celebration” and has offered one million free candy bars if the date is moved. Snickers is still giving away candy even though the request was not fulfilled.

In a press statement, Josh Olken, Snickers’ Brand Director, states, “We promised a million Snickers, and regardless of the date, we’re going to deliver.” “We want everyone to have a happy Halloween, whether they consume their free Snickers or pass them out to trick-or-treaters.”

We don’t expect this discount to last long, given that Snickers is one of the most popular Halloween chocolates, and the metaphorical candy bowl has already run out a few times. We recommend returning to the website frequently to see if you can get your free bag.

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