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Paid Protesters -Meclipsed By Violent ‘Anarchists,’ ‘Antifa,’



paid protesters

‘Legitimate demonstrators’ are eclipsed by violent ‘anarchists,’ ‘antifa,’ and ‘paid protestors,’ according to Lawrence Jones

paid protestersPaid protesters : Lawrence Jones, a Fox News contributor, spoke on “America’s News HQ” on Saturday to discuss the nationwide protests and riots that followed the death of George Floyd, claiming that the majority of the violence was caused by “professional paid demonstrators” with an agenda.

“Just from my reporting on protests and being in the midst of it in Baltimore and Ferguson, the terrible actors were folks who weren’t from the area,” Jones added.

“This isn’t something I concocted out of thin air. It’s simply a matter of practise and being on the ground.

“And, as you may recall, as records began to emerge, the mayor of [Minneapolis] and the governor of [Minnesota] claimed that all of the people arrested were from out of state.

Right now, that’s what’s going on. There are anarchists, Antifa members, and professional hired demonstrators with their own agendas.


“I know this because I would see some of the same people as I travelled from city to city,” Jones continued.

“It is these people’s jobs to agitate and incite hostility.”

Floyd, a black man, was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer on Saturday, prompting protests around the country.

Jones urged Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to “take command” of the situation.

“There has to be a clear difference between those who are practising constitutionally protected protest and anarchists, the community members who are on the ground,” Jones added.

“This occurred on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. It’s Saturday evening. And it appears that there is no way to exert control.”

Jones described the interaction between lawmakers and community leaders as “crucial,” claiming that there are legitimate protesters who do not want their message to be overshadowed.

“I mean, these are the core folks who are here, real protestors who believe there is injustice going on in this nation, and there is, and they’re speaking out against it,” Jones added.

“And they don’t want people who are agitators and looters, who… have their own goal, to smear that message.”

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