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Why Was Paul Pierce Stabbed: Boston Celtics Superstar Paul Pierce was Severely 11 Times



Paul Pierce Stabbed

Paul Pierce Stabbed: On September 25, 1995, Boston Celtics superstar Paul Pierce was severely stabbed eleven times. The event occurred in Boston’s now-closed Bazz Club, yet Pierce nonetheless played 82 games for the Celtics in the 2000-01 season.

Pierce revealed years later that he suffered from melancholy due to the experience and carried a revolver about to deal with his paranoia. While Pierce initially appeared unfazed, he later said that the encounter dramatically changed his life.

Why was Paul Pierce stabbed in Boston’s Bazz Club?

Paul Pierce Stabbed

Pierce described the night’s events in a recent episode of the All the Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Pierce was out with some buddies, including his teammate Tony Battie, at the Bazz Club in Boston. According to the ten-time NBA All-Star, trouble started when he started talking to certain women.

Pierce recalled a man telling him to stop talking to a young woman before a bit of brawl erupted. The brawl got out of hand, and Pierce wasn’t even aware he’d been stabbed because of the adrenaline rush.

The stabbing of Paul Pierce was covered on the All the Smoke podcast.

Stab Wounds to Paul Pierce

Pierce was stabbed 11 times, necessitating emergency lung surgery. Pierce said on the show that he was stabbed three times in the stomach and five times in the back by two different knives. The then-23-year-old was also beaten on the head with a bottle, resulting in a right eye scar that had to be surgically repaired since it was all “scraped out.” Pierce became aware that he was bleeding and stabbed him afterward, blood flowing down his face.


“I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. ‘You’ve been stabbed, you need to go to the hospital,’ they say, according to Pierce. Battie was the one who got him to the hospital in the first place. When everyone was notified, Celtics management was sceptical that Pierce would survive. And even if he did, there were significant concerns for the rest of his career. Pierce disclosed that if the knife had entered his body an inch to the left or right, he might not have survived when he was no longer in danger.

Who slashed Paul Pierce’s throat?

According to rumours, Pierce was stabbed by a man named William Ragland. Ragland was found guilty of assault and sentenced to ten years in prison. Trevor Watson, another guy, was sentenced to a year in jail for hitting Pierce during the brawl.

While Pierce recovered from the physical and mental hardship, his playing improved, dispelling any concerns his teammates may have had. Former teammate Kenny Anderson stated that no one talks about Pierce’s event, even though he nearly died and continued to play.

” See, you have to comprehend. You flee from that. He spent 11 or 12 years (or more) in the same city where the incident occurred. Even now, just thinking about it makes me dizzy.”

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