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Popeyes Cajun Turkey: Just In Time For Thanks Giving



Popeyes Cajun Turkey

Popeyes Cajun Turkey: When it comes to fried chicken, Popeyes is practically synonymous with the iconic dish.

They have new chicken nuggets, an iconic chicken sandwich, and, of course, the famous chicken meal, all of which should be served with plenty of buttered biscuits.

Popeyes Cajun Turkey chicken

Popeyes Cajun Turkey

But one thing is certain: when you think of Popeyes, you don’t think of turkey, and you certainly don’t think of Thanksgiving—until now. The Cajun-Style Turkey from the chicken chain is making a comeback.

If you aren’t a big Popeyes fan, you probably aren’t aware that they bring back this precooked frozen turkey every year to make your Thanksgiving a little easier.

All of the work has already been completed. Before being marinated in Creole butter, the outside is rubbed with a mixture of paprika, red pepper, garlic, and onion. You’ll only be responsible for defrosting and reheating it.

If you don’t want to deal with the side dishes, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and biscuits are available to round off your meal.

Pre-orders for the turkey will begin on October 18 at selected Popeyes stores. You can place your order over the phone or in person at your nearest location.

Consider how simple and stress-free Thanksgiving Day may be when the turkey is already prepared! You’ll have so much free time that you’ll be able to go all out on the drinks and sweets for the best spread ever.

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