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Pork Shortage – Why Is There a Pork Shortage



pork shortage

Possible pork shortage could strike during summer months

pork shortage

Pork shortage : Experts predict that as BBQs and cook-outs return this summer, the supply of pork products could be further stressed.

Time to prepare for yet another shortage.

According to new reports, pork products could be hard to come by this summer.

While some products are already experiencing shortages, these may be made worse as restaurants reopen and people start having more social gatherings.

Some experts are predicting that outdoor events, like BBQs and cookouts, will be extremely popular this summer, Business Insider reports.

This is reportedly due to the fact that while most Americans will be vaccinated by then, they’ll likely prefer outdoor events over indoor experiences.

These experts are also predicting that this will likely drive up the demand for meat, especially the types of meats cooked at BBQs.

This includes a variety of pork products, such as hot dogs and bacon.

Unfortunately, there has reportedly been a shortage of hogs for over a year now.

The problems are connected to the pandemic, which saw several processing plants and farms shut down due to outbreaks.

Other facilities that were able to remain open still had to deal with staffing issues, also related to the pandemic.

According to Issac Olvera, a food and agricultural economist at ArrowStream, the supply chain is already being stressed and the problems aren’t likely to be fixed by summer.

With more and more people expected to be reconnecting with friends and family over the grill this summer, this could cause prices to significantly increase.

A shortage could also mean that traditional deals and sales on pork products may be scarce this summer, The Takeout reports.

Fox News previously reported on another potential shortage in the food industry.

Due to the increase in demand for individual ketchup packets, it’s possible that some manufacturers of the condiment may struggle to maintain their supply lines.

The individual packets have seen a significant increase in demand due to the pandemic.

With restaurant dining rooms closed or only having limited seating, more people are ordering take out or to-go orders.

On top of that, many restaurants have had to remove reusable items from the tables, including ketchup bottles.

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