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Press Secretary Jen Psaki



Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Psaki admits that the White House has more breakthrough COVID examples that haven’t been made public

Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, revealed on Tuesday that there have been previously unreported breakthrough COVID-19 cases among White House personnel.

Psaki confirmed allegations that a vaccinated White House official and a vaccinated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi staffer tested positive for coronavirus after attending the same event during Tuesday’s White House briefing.

When asked if there had been any other breakthrough positive COVID cases among personnel, Psaki replied, “There have been,” but did not provide any other information.

However, Psaki reaffirmed the administration’s resolve to make positive COVID-19 testing among “commissioned officers” public.

“We agreed to provide material proactively as part of an agreement we made during the transition,” Psaki said, adding that they “continue to adhere by that commitment.”

Psaki responded, “That’s right,” when asked if there were previously unreported positive COVID cases among White House workers.

“The federal government employs hundreds of thousands,” Psaki said, reiterating the government’s commitment to making information available to the public.

Psaki went on to say that the White House staffer who tested positive for COVID this week was not a commissioned officer, and that the other breakthrough cases among White House staff were not either.

According to Psaki, if a commissioned officer in the White House or administration tests positive, the White House will inform the public.

Off White House grounds, a White House staffer tested positive for COVID-19.

A White House spokesperson said, “In accordance with our strict COVID-19 standards, the official stays off campus as they await the results of a confirmatory PCR test.”

“Contact tracing interviews were done by the White House Medical Unit, and no close connections between White House principals and staff were discovered.

The person is experiencing just minor symptoms.”

The administration is aware “that there will be breakthrough cases,” said to the official, “but as this incident indicates, cases among vaccinated individuals are often moderate.”

“With regular testing, the White House is prepared for breakthrough cases,” the official said.

“This is just another example of the COVID-19 vaccinations’ effectiveness in preventing serious illness or hospitalisation.”

“We wish our colleague a swift recovery,” the official stated.

Six members of the Texas delegation tested positive for the virus after leaving the state capitol and travelling to Washington last week in an attempt to derail a special legislative session in which Republicans are seeking to push new election regulations.

Vice President Kamala Harris met with members of the Texas delegation last Tuesday, but Psaki announced on Monday that she had subsequently tested negative for COVID-19.

“I believe the vice president’s office stated that she was tested and that no COVID-19 was detected,” Psaki added.

“They also provided some precise information regarding their proximity to the people who tested positive.

We take these precautions very seriously and follow the advice of our helpers and medical professionals.”

Meanwhile, Pelosi’s top adviser, Drew Hammill, said the unnamed staff member was properly vaccinated and had no recent contact with the top California Democrat, though the speaker’s office is taking extra precautions as a result.

“After contact with members of the Texas state legislature last week, a fully vaccinated senior spokesperson in the speaker’s press office tested positive for COVID yesterday,” Hammill said in a statement received by Fox News.

“Since being exposed, this person has had no contact with the speaker.

Except for those who have had no previous exposure to the individual or who have had a recent negative test, the entire press office is working remotely today.

Our office will continue to closely follow the Office of Attending Physician’s recommendations.”

Pelosi and her staff were seen wearing masks in the Capitol again on Tuesday.

Many members have refused to wear masks in recent weeks, after the Capitol physician’s relaxation of mask regulations.

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