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Project X Based On A True Story Complete Details About The Movie ??



Project X

Project X directed by Nima Nourizadeh, is a 2012 found footage comedy about three North Pasadena adolescents — Thomas, Costa, and J.B.

An all-night house party they throw in the hopes of gaining popularity.

Project X Background

Project X

Project X Based On A True Story Project X is a famous American teen comedy movie. Michael Bacall and Matt Drake wrote it, and Todd Phillips produced it. The movie is about 3 friends.

Thomas, Costa, and J.B. will plan to earn popularity by throwing a party.

But, the plan soon escalates out of their control. The movie “Project X” was released on March 2, 2012, in Canada, the United States.

The United Kingdom. The movie grossed over $100 million all over the world during its theatrical run.

A question that may often arise to the audience while watching the film is, “is Project X Based On A True Story.” Scroll down to know the answer.

Costa threw an 18th birthday party for Thomas not out of kindness but to get them a chance to score drugs, girls, and fame.

In the movie, Marijuana and joy fueled the party-goers, and a dog was set afloat in the air after being tied to balloons.

Thomas’ fathers’ car was driven into the pool, and a drug dealer set his house on fire.

The movie did not pass moral judgement but aimed to show an exaggerated version of a party dictated by the wildest thoughts that power teenagers.

The unfamiliar faces in the film help sell its found-footage format and claim to realism, as the possibility of the story being anyone’s was championed.

Project X Based on a True Story Is the Movie

Project X is somewhat based on the real life .The movie appears to draw inspiration from Corey Worthington, also known as “Australia’s most infamous teenager.”

At 16, he threw a party when his parents went out of town on vacation in 2008. He posted the invitation to the party on his MySpace account, and it attracted nearly 500 party-goers who came to his doorstep.

Then followed the chaos. The noise levels were so high, and a neighbour’s property got damaged. A police car was vandalised, stones were pelted, and reinforcement from the cops arrived in a helicopter and a dog squad.

Corey’s story reached the news worldwide. The parallels between his story and ‘Project X’ are obvious.

Real Life Events

Corey was nonchalant about his real-life damaging party. He said, “Get me to do it for you. Best party ever so far,” when asked about the other teenagers looking to throw a party if their parents are not home.

The event was beneficial for Corey because it gave him quick celebrity status, even scoring him an agent who started to book him for parties in Australia and Britain.

In the film, Thomas also gains notoriety at his high school, with media coverage of his party. The movie’s end shows Costa being interviewed by a reporter.

His attitude and getup vividly remind the audience of Corey’s demeanor in his infamous interview with ‘A Current Affair.’

The film captured the recklessness and attitude of high schoolers who believe their youth allowed them to make mistakes, commit corruption, and finally get away with it all.

To make the impression that Project X’s event had actually happened, the producers chose against casting familiar faces to discover entirely new actors.

Is Movie Monkeys Based on a True Story?

The movie did not pass moral judgments but aimed to show an exaggerated version of a party dictated by the wildest thoughts that power teenagers.

All the footage was presented as though it were found and not meticulously put together. This element of authenticity allowed the audience to get entertained and repelled by the teen comedy.

Movies such as ‘21 Jump Street,’ ‘American Pie,’ and ‘Superbad ‘ also chronicle the simultaneous world of teenagers. The R-rated movie did not try to glorify the chaotic party, but it presents the party as it is through the eyes of its drug-happy, troublesome high schoolers.

The characters and incidents of Thomas’ party in ‘Project X’ could be fictitious, but we all know that such persons and parties could exist and have existed in real life.

Corey Worthington is a living example.

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