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Quintessential Game Another Game Like Wordle

Quintessential Game

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Quintessential Game: Wordle is a popular choice for people who are infatuated with it. It founded in October 2021 in Brooklyn by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software programmer. Quintessential, the new word game everyone seems to enjoying, is what is it? How do you play it? Read on to know more about Quintessential Game.

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What is Quintessential exactly?Quintessential Game

Quintessential, a word game with a similar design as Wordle, has different rules. The object of the game is to exchange letters to form horizontal words in as few moves possible. The same type board is used as Wordle. Five words are arranged in a grid over each other. The letters already on board.

In five steps, you can simply unscramble five letters to create five distinct five-letter words. You can complete a puzzle in eight steps.

Quintessential GameplayQuintessential Game

Go to the Quintessential website, and click the How to Play button. Once you tap on the x in upper right-hand corner, the game board will appear. You can create five words by clicking and dragging letters. You see colors that indicate where the letters are located in the game.

A tile that turns green indicates that the letter is correct in word and place. It will turn yellow if it is in the right word and location. Grey tiles indicate that the tile is not in the right word or location. 

You will find it easier to fix letters and you might even try to determine the words. The game begins usually with some green letters that cannot changed. This makes things a little easier.

It will show you the number of movements that you have used at the bottom of your grid. The goal of this game is to make as few moves as possible.

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