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Radio Sales: Democrats allegedly crossed a “clear line drawn by the First Amendment” by pressuring the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block the sale of a popular Miami Spanish-language radio station, according to an FCC commissioner.

Last week, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus urged the FCC to halt the sale of WSUA-AM to America CV, the conservative América TeVé network’s owner.
In a tweet on Monday, Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr expressed his displeasure.

Radio Sales Of Under Standing Time Slots

Radio Sales“Democrats in Congress are pressuring the FCC to block the sale of a radio station in South Florida because of the political viewpoints it would broadcast to the Hispanic community,” Carr tweeted. “This would turn the FCC into an arm of the DNC, crossing a clear line drawn by the First Amendment.”

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Carr said in an interview with Fox News that the buyer’s politics and the station’s beliefs were irrelevant to the FCC, calling it “none of our business.”

“The point that’s been made is blatantly political,” he remarked. “It makes no difference to me as a Republican whether the buyer is a conservative or a progressive. That isn’t anything that should be taken into account.”

Jessica Rosenworcel, the interim Democratic chairwoman of the FCC, was appointed by President Biden in January.

‘She Gives It To You Like It Is!’ said the liberal media, defending and downplaying Maxine Waters’ rhetoric.


Stopping the sale was important, said to Rep. Darren Soto, D-Fla., because “inflammatory rhetoric can’t go unchallenged.”

“It’s interesting that he’s doubled down on his claim that the FCC should act solely on the basis of this radio station’s political positions,” Carr responded.

The FCC’s main concern in a licencing deal, according to a source familiar with the situation, is to ensure that there are a certain number of different owners in a given market, but politics aren’t a factor. In theory, all liberal or all conservative station owners could exist in a given market.

While President Biden won the 2020 presidential election, he was defeated by Republican Donald Trump in Florida by a larger margin than Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump’s gains among Latino voters, particularly in the Miami area, were critical in his victory there, alarming Democrats who fear one of the country’s most populous states is slipping away from them.


According to Newsweek, America CV has already fired WSUA’s Raul Martinez, the former Democratic mayor of Hiahleah and the station’s top-rated host. Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Arizona, the chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ political arm BOLDPAC, was enraged by this.

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He told Newsweek, “What happens is the independence starts melting away.” “For many of these communities, this is their only source of information; they don’t cross over to other media, such as CNN, and as a result, they become isolated in terms of the information they receive. They only go to the trustworthy source, so if that source is tainted, the entire population is exposed to only one point of view.”

The rhetoric about Florida Democrats embracing “socialist” programmes enraged Florida Democrats, who know how strong the phrase is among residents whose families fled left-wing governments for the United States.

The kerfuffle over the WSUA sale comes after some leftists have advocated for the Fairness Doctrine to be reinstated as a tool for silencing competing viewpoints. The widely panned FCC rule mandated that television licensees present both sides of an argument fairly.


Conservatives applauded the FCC for repealing the rule in 1987, claiming that it stifled free speech by causing some networks to avoid sensitive themes for fear of violating it. Others have suggested that allowing FCC officials to decide what is and isn’t “fair” in the sake of balance would be harmful.

“Instead of a diversified atmosphere with multiple opinions, the Fairness Doctrine results in news coverage that looks like 1990s aeroplane cuisine,” Carr said Fox News.

Carr said his fellow commissioners should speak out against Democrats who are urging the FCC to block the transaction, claiming that they are just concerned that a progressive source is becoming conservative. As far as he could tell, the application process for transferring control of the WSUA licence to its new owner would go as planned.

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