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Red Guardian Vs Captain America Super Soldier In Muscular



Red Guardian VS Captain America

Red Guardian VS Captain America’s equivalent, was introduced by Black Widow as another super soldier. They both have similar abilities, but who is the real winner?

Red Guardian, a super soldier built by the Soviet Union, was introduced by Black Widow, but is he stronger than Captain America? Unsurprisingly, the super soldier programme had an impact on more than just Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealed that there were additional super soldier serum vials out there (most, if not all, were destroyed), as well as other men implanted with the serum to fight for the United States, such as Isaiah Bradley.

According to Black Widow, Red Guard vs Caption America

Red Guardian VS Captain America

The former Soviet Union also produced their own super soldier, according to Black Widow, so they could have their own Captain America.

When Red Guardian (aka Alexei Shostakov) first meets the audience, he isn’t dressed in his red outfit and isn’t doing anything heroic. He’s on the run in Ohio with his family, which includes wife Melina and adoptive daughters Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova.

General Dreykov, who administers the Red Room, a training centre where hundreds of kidnapped women are brainwashed to become spies and assassins, admits early on that Alexei is in cahoots with him.

Despite spending the following two decades in prison despite completing his task for Dreykov, Alexei kept his super soldier abilities and flaunted it throughout Black Widow.

Red Guardian easily lifts a steel trailer, completely breaks another man’s wrist, and knocks a door off its hinges on his way out of prison. But, because he was out of action for decades and had no use for his powers, Alexei is likely to have preserved only the rudiments of his superhuman abilities.

Furthermore, Steve Rogers has a lot more field experience, having fought Thanos, pulled a helicopter down one-handed while in mid-flight, and lifted Thor’s hammer, to name a few things.

On the other hand, Alexei swapped in his role as Red Guardian for that of an agent, which presumably involves far less action and may not necessitate as much physical power. To that end, the Russian super-soldier is more than a little rusty, and it’s likely that if the two ever faced off, Captain America would win.

On the surface, Red Guardian appears to be as powerful as Captain America, but Black Widow sees him as a spy rather than a soldier. On the other hand, Red Guardian is quite proud of his powers and enjoys bragging about being a super-soldier with superhuman strength. Most of it is him reliving his glory days, with the occasional application of his superhuman abilities.

Red Guardian fought alongside Captain America in the comics at one point however the two had a competitive relationship and the former was trained to murder his American counterpart. However, when the Soviet Union forces him to fight Cap, he cannot defeat him. As a result, Captain America is the more powerful super-soldier of the two.

After Avengers: Endgame, Captain America will no longer be around, thus MCU fans may never see the two super soldiers fight onscreen. Red Guardian may get the chance to face a former Captain America, if not the original, now that John Walker has received the super soldier serum.

Although Black Widow did not fully utilise red Guardian’s skills, the film is unlikely to be the last time he appears, and there is much more to discover about his history as a super soldier.

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