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Reid Accident: City Chiefs Accident while having alcohol



Reid Accident
Reid Accident: Britt Reid, the former Kansas City Chiefs linebackers coach, pleaded not guilty to driving while drunk causing serious injury on Monday.
In Jackson County, Missouri, a court also decided that Reid can drive while awaiting trial if he uses an ignition interlock device that monitors his blood alcohol concentration before permitting him to drive. Reid’s condition will remain in place until his trial, which begins on July 22 with a pretrial conference.

Accident took place while drinking Alcohol | Reid Accident

Reid Accident

Reid’s DWI accusation stemmed from a February 4 incident that left a 5-year-old child with a severe brain injury. Three days before Reid, the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was set to coach in the Super Bowl, and the crash occurred near the Chiefs’ complex.
According to police investigators, Reid was driving 83.9 mph in a 69 mph zone 1.9 seconds before the incident. When an officer arrived at the scene, Reid’s eyes were bloodshot and red, and the odor of intoxicants was still on him, according to police charging documents. Reid’s serum blood alcohol concentration was. One hundred thirteen two hours after the accident.

Young girl was badly fractured with severe injuries went to coma

Ariel Young, discovered in the back of the car under a folded-over seat, was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital by ambulance. According to the charging documents, she suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, a skull fracture, brain contusions, and subdural hematomas. Young also went into a coma, and it took her family 11 days to find out she was awake.

Life of a Ariel | Reid Accident

Reid was charged with a Class D felony of driving while intoxicated and causing serious bodily injury on April 12. The charge was deemed insufficient by Young’s relatives.
Young’s cousin Tiffany Verhulst told USA TODAY Sports the day filed the accusations, “We don’t believe the charges are fair or severe enough.” “It’s been complicated knowing he’s out every day going about his business when Ariel’s life has been dramatically transformed.”

His decision to drink and drive impacted the lives of our entire family

Law authorities have cited Reid for speeding or careless driving at least three previous times, including in Missouri in 2018 and 2019. Reid was arrested in Pennsylvania in January 2007 after allegedly brandishing a gun at another car.
He admitted to simple assault, carrying a firearm without a license, and having a controlled substance. He pleaded guilty to three more charges seven months later.
Reid renounced his right to a reading of the accusations and pleaded not guilty in court on Monday. Reid’s bond was modified by Jackson County Judge Jessica Agnelly when he determined that he could not drive while awaiting trial. A Jackson County Court spokesperson told USA TODAY Sports that the agency that released him made a mistake.
Reid spent the previous eight seasons in Kansas City as an assistant coach, working with outside linebackers and defensive linemen. His contract did not get renewed at the end of the season. In February, an NFL representative confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that the league would investigate.
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