Rem And Ram

Rem and Ram: Re: Zero, Ram is Rem’s twin sister from the Oni Clan. Find out how old the Oni is and how she interacts with the other characters.

Despite the fact that Re: Zero: Beginning Life in Another World aired in 2016, it is still considered one of the most popular isekai anime, with a degree of popularity among fans that is uncommon in the genre. The widely mocked “I adore Emilia” rejection of Rem’s affections was essential in popularising the show even among non-fans.

While many fans focused on the relationships between Subaru, Rem, and Emilia, Ram was overlooked. Despite this, she gradually gained popularity among fans, particularly among those who read the anime’s light novels, which provided more information about her.

Know all your details What is the age of Ram? rem and ram

Rem And Ram

The fourth episode of the first season of the Re:Zero anime introduces Ram to the audience. Her age is 17 in that episode, the same as her twin sister Rem’s.

The twins’ ages are seen to increase with the passage of time within the anime’s reality, unlike many anime characters whose ages remain constant. Ram is 17 years old in the first and second arcs. Her age is indicated to be 18 in the third and fourth arcs, and 19 in the fifth arc.

Why does Ram meet Roswaal in the middle of the night in his room?

Ram lost her horn when she was a child during an ambush on her village. Oni’s horns functioned as organs for her, therefore being without one meant she was in chronic pain.

This is why Roswaal focused all six elements and transmitted the mana formed from them to Ram in order to help her feel better and relieve her agony.

What’s the status of her friendship with Garfiel?

Garfiel is 14 years old, which means he’s a naive and immature adolescent with a one-sided crush on Ram. Ram has a platonic relationship with him, and she goes out of her way to help him overcome his childhood phobias by forcing him to confront his history.

When Garfiel expresses his feelings to her, she promptly dismisses him since, while she plainly cares for him, she is not romantically interested in him.

Is she aware that Roswaal was the one who ordered her Oni Clan’s slaughter?

Although Ram is aware that Roswaal was responsible for the attack on her entire clan, he was not directly accountable for their deaths. He only gave them the command to be annihilated, and the Witch Cult took care of the rest.

Ram was furious when she discovered the truth and vowed vengeance. However, things did not turn out the way she had hoped, and her rage dissipated with time.

Why Did She Agree To Work For Roswaal As A Maid?

Despite her rage and desire for vengeance, Ram prioritised her sister Rem’s well-being above everything else, including her own life. This was used by Roswaal, who used Rem to compel Ram to sign a contract with him.

Rem would die if she refused, so she reluctantly consented to work at Roswaal’s house. Her rage at Roswaal for murdering her tribe has transformed to hatred at him for endangering Rem’s life.

What Made Her Change Her Mind About Being Roswaal’s Ideal Maid?

Ram forgot about the sister she loved and existed for after Gluttony was successful in absorbing Rem’s name. As a result, her animosity for Roswaal faded away because she no longer had a reason to despise him. Rem was never threatened by Roswaal in her thinking.

She had little regard for her oni tribe to begin with, which is why the more she worked for Roswaal, the more he cared for her and, as a result, the more she admired him.

What Was Ram’s Reaction to Rem’s Disappearance?

Ram didn’t notice anything was wrong in her life after her sister vanished because Rem simply vanished from Ram’s memory.

Subaru’s Return by Death ability was the only reason he remembered Rem, but he couldn’t travel before Rem’s name was erased. All of this takes place in the third arc of the light novels, and despite finding Rem’s unconscious body, Subaru had no idea how to awaken her.

Is Ram romantically attracted to Roswaal?

Ram’s feelings for Roswaal are complicated. She clearly has feelings for him that go beyond platonic, but it’s difficult to tell if her infatuation with him stems from her over-dependence on him or from her love for him.

The tale depicts her willingness to give up not only her own life but also Rem’s in order for Roswaal to obtain what he desires (which was killing Garfiel).

Is Ram’s love for Roswaal reciprocated by Roswaal?

Ram’s affections are not reciprocated by Roswaal. He’s wracked by remorse and self-doubt about the extermination of Ram’s oni village, which he believes Ram despises him for. While this was accurate at first, her feelings toward him evolved over time, which he failed to detect.

In fact, Ram confesses her affections for him, which completely shocked him. Since his feelings had remained same for 400 years, he thought Ram’s had remained unchanged as well.

Why did Ram want the Wisdom Tome to be destroyed?

Roswaal had two copies of the original Gospel, and he had them because he naively trusted in them and their prophecies. He was convinced that whatever was written in them would come true without fail, but this irritated Ram.

She despised the way the Tome of Wisdom had led him down a dark path, especially because she believed he was capable of being a good person. This is why, at the end of Arc 4, she destroyed it.

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