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Restoration hardware cloud couch: Incredible Sofa



Restoration hardware cloud couch

Restoration hardware cloud couch: Clients have requested the cloud sofa numerous times. While the 100 percent down feather-filled cushion wrapped in your “unique” upholstery option sounds nice on paper, it is equally lovely in person.

Clients are frequently drawn to the cloud’s modern and comfortable appearance. While there is nothing wrong with modernity and a relaxing environment, the structure of this sofa causes a lot of stress.

Sofa Cushion | Restoration hardware cloud couch

Restoration hardware cloud couch

The first and most basic concern is that the enormous frame makes it difficult to install in homes; double-check your door widths to be sure it will fit.

The large depth of the sofa is typically attractive to taller clients or those who prefer to cuddle up and watch movies on their sofa. One of RH’s most notable features is its deep cushions.

While you may believe the cloud is cuddly and wraps itself around you like a hug, your grandmother or great aunt may disagree. This sofa is similar to a bean bag chair in that it lies low to the ground and is difficult to get out of.

This isn’t helped by the fact that it’s filled with 100 percent down feather cushion filling. The feathers relax and compress as you sit on it, just like your down feather mattress. The only problem is that because it requires so many feathers to fill it, its own weight compresses it and prevents it from fluffing back up after you sit up.

As a result, each sofa cushion needs to be full after each usage in order to maintain its fluff. Try lifting one of those cushions yourself if that wasn’t aggravating enough. Stop by an RH near you and try for yourself if you don’t believe us when we say these feathers can weigh a tonne. You’re not going to want to do it every day.

This isn’t meant to be a slam on Restoration Hardware. I simply feel that you have the right to know things that salespeople won’t tell folks who are willing to pay $14K on a sofa.

Since I’m being really honest with you, I should also mention that the 100% linen upholstery on this sofa is a nightmare. The cloth stays depressed and wrinkles with every touch since the sofa does not bounce back once you sit in it. Not to mention that linen attracts stains in youngsters.

Finally, keep in mind that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Check the composition of your cushion fill to make sure it’s the right mix of synthetic and down. It’s worth noting that the actual amount will vary depending on personal tastes.

Also, before agreeing to unique terms of the agreement, always bring home a sample of the cloth. You will not be sorry if you rub it on your dog to see how much hair it accumulates or if you let your two-year-old play with it for an afternoon to see how difficult it is to clean.

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