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Richard Madeen: Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Movies & Networth



richard madeen

Are you curious about Richard Madeen’s age? Wondering who is his wife? Or if you’d like to know his height? Read on to find out! There are several things you should know about this actor! Whether you want to know how tall he is, or just what his favorite movies are, this article is for you. Here, we’ll explore his life and career in a bit more detail. The following information will help you decide whether he’s the right actor for you.

Richard Madeen Wiki & Age

richard madeenThe actor Richard Madeen has been on the scene for several years. Madden has also starred in TV shows including Maple as Robb Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones. He has also played the role ofsters of Florence and Birdsong. He first gained fame as a theater actor. His television debut was in the 1999 series Barmy Aunt Boomerang. During the filming of the series, he went through rigorous sword training and weight lifting.

After receiving the Golden Globe for his role in the film Bodyguard, Madden went on to star in various TV shows, including the cult film Rocketman. Moreover, the actor has also been linked to several rumored relationships. In August 2017, he was photographed kissing Ellie Bamber on a beach in Ibiza. However, the relationship between Richard and Ellie ended soon after that. The actor was previously linked to Brandon Flynn, who played a gangster. However, the couple did not mention each other in his acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards.


Richard Madeen Wife

After a breakup with his wife Laura, rumors of a new romance between Richard Madeen and actress Ellie McPhee surfaced. Although the relationship did not last long, it does provide an insight into the couple’s personal life. This is the second time that Richard has been married to an actress. Ellie is best known for her role as Cosette in the BBC One adaptations of Les Miserables.

The two dated between December 2012 and summer 2017. They were frequently spotted kissing and often appeared at events together. The relationship ended in March 2019 with reports that the two had split due to frequent arguments. Despite the split, Richard appears single once again. Regardless of whether he’s married or single, there’s no evidence that his relationship with Ellie is in the clear. And while the couple hasn’t confirmed rumors of a new romance, his personal life is a matter of much speculation.

Richard Physical Appearance

Richard Madeen is unmarried. His height is 5 feet 11 inches.  The actor is known for playing the role of Young Adam in the movie Complicity. He has also been a part of numerous television series and movies, including the comedy-drama Sirens, which was aired on Channel 4.


As of 2018, Madden has been a part of many films and television series. His filmography includes Romeo and Juliet, The Last Kingdom, From Now, and the biopic of Elton John. He has also appeared in the television series Barmy Aunt Boomerang, which ran for twenty episodes. He is a big fan of wrestling and has a strong body. During the course of the show, he has been incredibly fit, going through sword training and weight lifting.

Richard Movies

There’s a plethora of Richard Madden movies that can make you think of him as the moral center of the show Game of Thrones. After a stellar performance as Robb Stark in the hit HBO series, he continued his successful career in comedy series on Channel 4 and BBC. He also appeared in a miniseries on BBC Birdsong and received a Screen Actors Guild card for his role in the 2014 drama, Klondike. Most recently, Richard introduced Prince Kit in the Disney Lice film Cinderella. He also played Romeo in a West End production of the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet.

Richard Networth

A lot of people are curious about Richard Madeen’s net worth. Richard Madeen is a scottish actor who has an estimated networth of S8 million as of 2021. The comedian has a career that spans decades and his net worth is rising rapidly. His roles in television series such as The Daily Show, “The Office,” and the hit TV show Fuller House are among the reasons behind his rise. While he is still single, there are rumors that he is dating actress Lily James. In addition, he starred in “Silicon Valley,” in which he voiced a survivor of an interstellar spaceship.


Madden has dated multiple women over the years, and his relationships with Jenna Coleman and Lily James are no exception. The two dated for four years and were rumored to be engaged before announcing their breakup in 2015. During that time, fans speculated that Madden would marry Lily James, the actress who plays a character in the popular television series Game of Thrones. After the breakup, fans speculated about a possible future romance with Lily James. This speculation was based on photos of the two together. However, Madden has been quiet about his relationships with Brandon Flynn, avoiding questions about their relationship.

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