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Robie Uniacke: Bio, Boyfriend, Wiki, Net worth, Carrere & More



Robie Uniacke

Robie Uniacke: On Twitter, fans have been discussing the Rosamund Pike movie ‘I Care A Lot.’ Continue reading to learn more about Pike’s real-life boyfriend, Robie Uniacke.

I Care a Lot, starring Rosamund Pike, was recently released on Netflix. Fans have been praising the lead ensemble on Twitter since the film’s debut on February 19, which starred Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, Eiza Gonzalez, and Dianne West in addition to Pike herself.

Pike is portrayed as a gay male in a relationship with another lady in the film. As a result, her fans have naturally become interested in her personal life. Continue reading to hear more about Pike’s real-life partner, Robie Uniacke.

Robie Uniacke is Rosamund Pike’s boyfriend

Robie Uniacke

Rosamund Pike, a 42-year-old British actress, fell in love for the first time while filming Pride and Prejudice. Pike supposedly fell in love and became engaged to her director Joe Wright, according to a report in Nicki Swift. Wright, however, called off the wedding before the pair could tie the knot. Pike found love again after her first failed effort at love, this time with mathematician and businessman Robie Uniacke.

 Fictional Character

Robie Uniacke’s age is a bit of a mystery among Pike’s supporters, but according to a report in Nicki Swift, Uniacke is roughly 60 years old, making him 18 years older than Pike. In 2009, the couple met at a party. Pike and Uniacke welcomed their first child, a son named Solo Uniacke, three years after dating the mathematician.

The children of Rosamund Pike

Robie Uniacke is the father of four other children, four of whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Emma Howard. The pair grew closer as Pike’s film career expanded, and they welcomed their second child in 2014. Atom Uniacke was the name given to a new son by the couple.

Pike was asked about marriage in a 2012 interview with Vogue, and she responded that she was happy with how things were between Robie and herself. Rosamund is now the mother of two sons, and she does not appear to be planning a wedding anytime soon.

Robie Uniacke’s net worth is unknown

Uniacke is worth $1 million, according to another article in the Celebrity net worth web. His multiple business activities account for the majority of his riches. He’s also a well-known British mathematician who speaks Mandarin fluently.

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