Soilor Mars

Sailor Mars is the most fiery of the Senshi in the anime. We investigate every little-known information about Rei Hino, examining both the manga and the TV show.

Though Sailor Moon saves the day on numerous occasions in her self-titled manga and anime series, she couldn’t have done so without the Sailor Senshi’s unwavering support. Sailor Mars was second in leadership, just after Sailor Venus.

Is Sailor Mars in love with Sailor Moon And 10 Que & Ans.

Soilor Mars

Jadeite was the second-youngest in his team. Though their romantic past was never fully divulged in the original anime, Jadeite remarked in the manga that he believed Raye was attractive. Sailor Moon Crystal also clarified their past when it was revealed he was Princess Mars’ love interest.

Hino Rei Sailor Mars was a serious young woman in her daily life. She worked as a shrine priestess, upholding tradition. While she was a hothead in the 1990s anime, her passion in the manga was a little different. Rei was typically calm, although she was always the first to enter a battle. Despite the fact that she and Sailor Moon didn’t always agree, Sailor Mars placed her life on the line for the Moon Princess without being asked. We’ve got lots of answers to fans’ questions if they want to learn a little more about her.

1. Why is it that Sailor Mars prefers a pair of crows?

Lovers of anime may not recall Sailor Mars meeting a pair of crows, but manga fans will. Rei stated that two crows revealed her their names when she was a young kid. In the world of Sailor Moon, talking animals are common, and these crows, like Artemis and Luna, were from another planet.

During the reign of the Moon Kingdom, Phobos and Deimos, named after two moons of Mars, were actually ladies from the planet Coronis. To defend Princess Mars, they were dispatched to her castle. Even though they had changed in their new life, they continued to keep an eye on her in the modern world.

2. When did she start wielding daggers?

In battle, the Sailor Senshi rarely used physical weapons. Instead, the majority of their weaponry were created by the energy within them. They channelled energy in the form of specialised strikes at their weapons. Sailor Moon, on the other hand, took a different path.

All of the Sailor Senshi in the live-action series carried tambourines that could be used as weapons or transformed into them. Hers, in the instance of Sailor Mars, turned into a dagger. It might be combined with Sailor Venus’s. Throughout the storey, both Sailor Senshi took turns wielding the pair of daggers.

3. Did she have any abilities that could only be used once?

One thing that fans have observed about the Sailor Senshi is that once they “level up,” their prior skills vanish. Many of the Senshi had skills that they only utilised once in the manga and anime, and when a new form of ability became available, they switched to it.

Among the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mars is one of a kind. She is the only one who does not possess one of those one-time-use abilities that are never used again. Yes, she prioritises some talents over others, but she never totally abandons a particular power once it has been used.

4. Is it true that she despises men?

Among long-time supporters, Sailor Mars has a reputation for despise for male species. That isn’t fully accurate, but her romantic and non-romantic connections aren’t exactly stellar.

Rei and her father have a strained relationship because he is a politician who rarely sees her in the manga. She develops affections for one of his employees, but he marries someone else. She only becomes interested in Mamoru in the anime to make Usagi envious. However, there is a deeper explanation for her lack of interest in many males in the manga.

She made a chastity pledge to Princess Serenity in the Moon Kingdom. The pledge was a declaration of love for the princess, and it will last for the rest of her life.

5. Is Buffy the Vampire Slayer a favourite of hers?

Even though Rei’s hobbies are more traditional, she enjoys reading manga. Rei mentions that she enjoys reading the manga Devilman in the original Japanese version of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. However, this was not the case when the series was translated into English.

Perhaps the translators were concerned that English speakers would be unfamiliar with the Japanese series. Instead, Rei referred to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the English volumes. So, while Sailor Mars was a Buffy fan, she was more of a fan of someone fighting demons.

6. Is Sailor Mars impervious to her own strength?

The Sailor Senshi all have a lot of firepower. In the manga, it’s a bit of a toss-up whether or not they can be damaged by the energy they channel. They never appear to damage themselves, only run out of energy. That is not the case with anime from the 1990s.

On their route to challenge Queen Beryl, Sailor Moon and her Sailor Senshi square off against the DD girls as the anime’s original plot arc draws to a close.

So that Sailor Moon can keep going, each member of the squad takes on the DD girls on their own. When Sailor Mars does this, she becomes trapped with them and utilises her power to eliminate her foes. Sailor Mars, at least in the anime, is not immune to her own fire.

7. Was she supposed to be a member of the Sailor V cast?

It’s no secret that creator Naoko Takeuchi had another primary character in mind before Sailor Moon became the central heroine of a manga and anime series. Instead, she planned and developed characters for Sailor V.

While Rei wasn’t in those early plans, the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection claims that there was a character who looked a lot like her. Her name was Miyabi Yoruno, and she, like Rei, was a shrine priestess. Some of Rei’s characteristics are presumably influenced by the Sailor V persona.

8. What Has Happened to Her Mother?

Rei’s connection with her grandfather is the sole focus of the anime. Fans learn about Rei’s father in both the manga and the live-action series. Her mother, on the other hand, is a bit of an enigma.

We’re not sure what happened to her mother, but she died when Rei was still a small child. Despite the loss, her father continued his political career, seeing Rei only on her birthday.

9. What is the significance of Sailor Mars’s high heels?

Fans may readily detect the little distinctions between the Sailor Senshi costumes if they pay attention to the designs. The majority of the Senshi wear a variety of boots. Only a couple of exceptions apply.

Sailor Neptune and Venus still have ties or straps on their heels to keep them in place. Sailor Mars is the only Sailor Senshi who wears high heels without using anything to keep them in place.

The shoe design is a remnant from the characters’ early designs. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection contains not only information about the early Sailor V concepts, but also early designs for the Sailor Moon characters. While the characters’ appearances have altered, Sailor Mars’ footwear has not.

10. What Is the Meaning of Her Name?

Many manga authors enjoy giving their characters’ names specific meanings. Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon characters, like Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto characters, have names that relate to their talents or personalities.

Rei’s name is intriguing because it contains a pun for those who are aware of it. Rei Hino is her full name. In some cases, the kanji used to spell out her surname translates to “fire” (and includes the kanji also found in the Japanese name for Mars), but “civilian” in others.

Her first name is spelled with the katakana script, which is used to transcribe foreign words that have been absorbed into the Japanese language. When translations are applied, her name literally means “beam of fire.” It’s appropriate for the Sailor Senshi, who is in charge of fire.

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