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Who are the Top 13 Questions About Sailor Saturn and Answered



Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn was one of the most powerful Senshi in Sailor Moon, but she was also the least visible, therefore there are many doubts about her.

The Sailor Moon franchise gradually introduced the title character’s supporting Sailor Senshi across its storey arcs. They made their debuts one by one. As a result, fans came to know the initial group of characters, the Inner Senshi, quite well. Sailor Saturn, on the other hand, was the final Sailor Senshi to be revealed as part of the ancient Moon Kingdom’s defences.

When Sailor Saturn awakens, her immense power might wipe out an entire universe. Hotaru Tomoe’s lovely and shy civilian appearance, which the Sailor Senshi met, is a dramatic contrast. There are a lot of questions about Hotaru’s character because she doesn’t get as much screen time as the other Sailor Senshi.

Amanda Bruce updated this page on September 10, 2021: Each new Sailor Moon adaptation gives fans new perspectives on their beloved characters. Sailor Saturn’s character has stayed relatively intact throughout the series, from manga to animation to live musicals. Unlike many of the other Sailor Moon characters, major modifications to the material have no effect on her personality or role in the plot, but fans are nonetheless curious.

What is the Zodiac Sign of Sailor Saturn?

Sailor Saturn

When designing the worlds of her characters, Sailor Moon designer Naoko Takeuchi made sure that each one’s planet corresponded to the ruling planet of their zodiac sign. As a result, Sailor Saturn’s birthdate is January 6, right in the heart of Capricorn season.

Capricorns and their ruling planet are connected with responsibility and hard labour. While Hotaru does not display the ambition associated with the sign of Saturn in her civilian or Sailor Saturn guises, she is the serious and responsible child. Once she’s awoken, she works very hard to keep her power in check. She also accepts full responsibility for rescuing (and ultimately ending) the Earth.

What is her one-of-a-kind ability?

All of the Sailor Senshi have talents that allow them to convert energy into blasts that correspond to their respective planets. Sailor Venus, for example, is connected with love, whereas Sailor Mars is associated with fire. They don’t typically show off extraordinary abilities that aren’t related to fighting. That is not the case with Hotaru.

Only two Sailor Senshi have the capacity to heal others, and Hotaru is one of them. After a battle, she can heal Chibiusa. Sailor Moon is the only other Sailor Senshi who can accomplish something similar, and only after a few power-ups. That one-of-a-kind skill demonstrates Sailor Saturn’s superiority over the other Senshi.

Is Sailor Saturn a More Powerful Sailor Than Sailor Moon?

Because Sailor Saturn and her Silence Glaive are capable of destroying the entire planet, she may appear to be the most powerful of the Sailor Senshi. That isn’t always the case.

Sailor Moon is shown as a healing power rather than a destructive force in the manga and anime. It’s with the strength of love that you give the final blow to an enemy. Other Sailor Moon adaptations, such as the live-action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, have gone a little deeper into the title character’s power. The Outer Senshi do not appear, and Sailor Moon’s Princess form is revealed to be capable of destroying the entire world. In every version, Sailor Moon is always the last Senshi standing against the strongest enemy, capable of harnessing the strength of all of the Senshi herself, something the rest of them, including Sailor Saturn, are indicated to be unable to handle. The most powerful is still Sailor Moon.

Is Sailor Saturn a bad person?

Sailor Saturn has a reputation for not being one of the “good” Sailor Senshi. What makes Sailor Saturn so bad? She isn’t. Because of her early portrayal in the 1990s anime, some fans regard Sailor Saturn as malevolent. The Outer Senshi feared her power because if she destroyed a world, it would spell the end of their existence.

However, Sailor Saturn was never completely malevolent. Her civilian form’s link with Mistress 9 – who invaded her body – gives her a “evil” connotation. Sailor Saturn, on the other hand, can be considered the Sailor Senshi’s last resort. If there was no other way to resolve a war, she was only supposed to end the planet. Sailor Saturn didn’t enjoy the destruction of civilization.

Did She Initially Assist In The Defense Of The Moon Kingdom?

It’s debatable how involved Sailor Saturn would have been in the original Moon Kingdom. She wasn’t actually conscious during the heyday of the kingdom, according to enthusiasts.

Sailor Saturn was always meant to be the Sailor Senshi who would “reset” the world if it could no longer be saved. She slept in her palace on her native planet until the Moon Kingdom’s demise led her to awaken, according to the manga. She only used her Silence Glaive to destroy the entire country after that, allowing Queen Serenity’s reincarnation magic to take effect. After Sailor Saturn destroyed everything, everyone was reborn.

What Does Her Blood Type Mean?

Blood types for characters and celebrities are frequently included in stats pages and trivia write-ups for fans of Japanese pop culture. This is because some people believe that blood type might influence some characteristics of a person’s personality. That makes Sailor Saturn a fascinating character, as she has had numerous blood types indicated in various versions.

In the early illustrations by creator Naoko Takeuchi, she was type O, the same as Sailor Moon. These people are vivacious, gregarious, and adaptable, which Hotaru is not. That’s probably why, by the time Takeuchi started the manga, she’d developed type AB blood, the blood type of opposites. These folks, like Naruto’s Sasuke Uchiha, have aspects that make them immensely conflicted characters.

In the manga, original anime, and musicals, Sailor Saturn has this blood type. Sailor Moon Crystal information shows her blood type labelled as A for some reason. Type As are calm in a crisis, but they might be awkward around people, feeling as if they never belong, which explains her quiet and serious character.

Is there anything Sailor Saturn can do in civilian form?

Sailor Saturn, like the rest of the Outer Senshi, possesses some precognitive talents, albeit hers are far more powerful than theirs. For example, Sailor Neptune’s are so strong that she awakens to her Sailor Senshi identity, as well as Sailor Uranus’. She, like Sailor Mars, does not always grasp the hazy dreams she has. Hotaru’s dreams are more detailed.

Not only can Hotaru have visions and prophetic dreams, but she can also project images for others to see. She has the ability to project images throughout the room for the other Sailor Senshi to see, even if it’s only for fun.

What Makes Sailor Saturn Different From the Other Sailor Senshi?

When one of the teens awoke as a Sailor Senshi, they usually didn’t retrieve all of their former memories, but their past and present lives merged to become one creature. Sailor Venus remembered more than others, and some of the others were able to recollect many of their earlier recollections over time. Sailor Saturn, on the other hand, was the only Sailor Senshi whose civilian persona was wholly different from her Sailor Senshi persona.

That is, Hotaru and Sailor Saturn were two distinct characters. Although Sailor Saturn was reincarnated as Hotaru, her spirit existed independently of the small girl’s. As a result, the personification of Sailor Saturn was able to independently awaken memories within Hotaru.

In Her Body, How Many Other Souls Were There?

Knowing that Sailor Saturn and Hotaru function as two separate individuals sharing a body already implies the existence of at least two souls. Two more, on the other hand, have been known to occupy Hotaru’s body. Mistress 9 grew inside Hotaru in both the manga and anime, thereby keeping the young girl alive after a life-threatening injury. Hotaru’s body was temporarily taken over by her darkness.

There was yet another character in the musicals. The Kaguya Island stories are based on four live musicals that have been presented in Japan. Hotaru and Sailor Saturn shared their bodies with Kon throughout all of those stories. During the major struggle, Kon, who was made entirely of the energy of destroyed stars, offered her might to Sailor Moon. As a result, in any version of Hotaru’s storey, at least three beings will share the same thought at some time.

What Is the Meaning of Her Name?

Sailor Saturn’s civilian name, like that of all the other Sailor Senshi in the franchise, is linked to her planetary position. Takeuchi frequently incorporated some of the characters that made up the Japanese word for the Senshi’s respective planets into their surname. She did the same thing over here. The first kanji in Tomoe’s surname is also the first kanji in Dosei’s name, which means Saturn (meaning, “Earth star” in English).

It’s the kanji that’s used to represent “dirt” or “earth” in particular. Tomoe is made up of characters that represent “earth” and “sprouting,” a reference to the Roman god Saturn’s connection to the harvest. Hotaru, on the other hand, is a Japanese word that means “firefly.” Because fireflies are associated with the souls of the deceased, it’s a fitting reference. Fireflies are thought to be the spirits of Japanese troops, according to some.

Was She Known By Another Name?

When the Sailor Moon anime from the 1990s was dubbed into English, practically all of the characters were given new names. Hotaru, on the other hand, did not. However, she was given a new name in a teen magazine.

Publishers altered the character’s name to Jenny when she first appeared in Tokyo’s Smile magazine during the serialisation of Sailor Moon. Fans of the manga who were already familiar with the alteration wrote in to complain, and the magazine reversed their decision, publishing Sailor Saturn’s name as Hotaru in subsequent appearances.

What is her favourite subject at school?

Publishers will showcase distinct characters at the back of numerous manga volumes, providing statistics about them that would not otherwise appear in the book. Some of these statistics pertain to Hotaru’s favourite hue (purple) and favourite subject.

Hotaru’s favourite topic is a good one. She is fascinated with world history. It’s great to see that a young girl who is the reincarnated form of an old creature capable of levelling entire worlds is concerned about preserving global history. It’s possible that it wasn’t meant to be a reference to her role as a Sailor Senshi, but it works.

What Is The Relationship Between Sailor Saturn’s Power And The Roman God Saturn?

Despite the fact that the Sailor Senshi are named after planets, their abilities are based on Greco-Roman mythology. That is, their abilities are linked to the gods who gave the planets their names.

Saturn is the god of agriculture, wealth, and regeneration. At first look, that doesn’t sound like Sailor Saturn. The harvest, on the other hand, is associated with the life cycle, which is what Sailor Saturn’s main power is concerned with. She brings everything to a close so that they can begin again, much like a farmer clearing his fields for the coming season.

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