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Savanah Hernandez – Young Conservative Lady



Savanah Hernandez

Young conservative ladies who went viral for standing up to the liberal mob have received death threats, according to them

Savanah Hernandez, who was attacked by Black Lives Matter protesters for carrying a sign that read “Police Lives Matter” to a rally, told “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday that she was “viciously attacked” and has “received death threats from people on the left” because they don’t agree with her message.

“I got a lot of hatred for the sign, but imagine being the person whose actually in the uniform,” Hernandez tweeted on Monday, beside a photo of herself at the demonstration in Texas. Thank you to the officers who work hard to keep our neighbourhoods secure. #PoliceLivesMatter.”

“I was watching so many videos on Twitter of cops, especially black cops, who have been subjected to so much bigotry because of the extreme left and everything that has been going on, and it really irritated me, so I wanted to go stand up with a Police Lives Matter sign,” Hernandez added.

She wrote the name of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn on the other side of the placard, who was shot and murdered by a looter during riots over the death of George Floyd.

Hernandez added, “I went and I stood there, I didn’t chant, I didn’t go invade their event at all.”

“I stood on a busy street corner with my sign up to let the police in my city know that they were supported, and I was attacked right away.”

One BLM supporter, she added, “supported my First Amendment right, which is not something that we often see, so I was very grateful for that.”


“But it’s outrageous that I can’t go stand on my own street, in my own city, with a sign without being attacked, severely attacked, numerous times,” Hernandez concluded.

She said she has gotten death threats from left-wingers since the demonstration, which she says “just emboldens me more to speak up for our police officers who safeguard our neighbourhoods every day.”

Hernandez was asked by host Laura Ingraham what she would say to young conservative women like herself who are “weary of being pushed around.”

“I am an average girl, not a fantastic human being… Anyone can rise up and make a big splash with a $5 poster board and a message if I can,” she responded. “So, get up. Now is the moment to take action.”

On Monday night, an incoming college freshman said that Marquette University threatened to revoke her admission because of videos she posted on TikTok supporting President Trump.

Samantha Pfefferle told that she got death threats after posting the footage, and that other classmates were among those harassing her online.

“After what you’ve been through, do you have second thoughts about going to Marquette at this point or no?” Ingraham questioned Pfefferle.

Pfefferle responded, “I really, really, really want to go.”

“Me and my parents are still frightened for my safety going there because of all the threats that I have been getting, like, ‘Don’t worry, you will be dead soon,’” she said, adding that she plans to enrol in the fall.

She continued, “It’s kind of scary to step on campus, and I’m nervous.” “However, I am prepared to mobilise conservatives and defend what I believe in.”

The institution denied that Pfefferle’s enrollment was in peril in a statement provided to Fox News.

“The institution has received concerns about this new student, but they are not based on political affiliation, but rather on suspected use of discriminating language,” according to the statement.

“There were also concerns for the safety of the incoming student in this case, which the Marquette University Police Department examined and discussed with the incoming student.”

The university also stated that Pfefferle’s admission has not been revoked, nor has it been threatened with revocation.

Pfefferle was asked if that was true or false by Ingraham.

Pfefferle responded, “They did indicate I wasn’t a student when we went on the first call.”

Ingraham then clarified that she is no longer a student.

Pfefferle said, “They informed me I wasn’t a student and that I would hear back in a couple days.” “It took them a week and a half,” says the narrator.

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