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Serial To Films A Look Back At Late Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma’s Works (Latest Update)

by Abhishek Singh
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Aindrila Sharma is a Bengali actress, has died. This shock and sadness has swept the Bengali cinema world. Aindrila, a young actress from Bengal, said goodbye to her family and friends at the tender age of 24. This left a deep void in many hearts. Two-time survivor of cancer, Aindrila fought the deadly disease for many years. She was unable to escape this terrible illness. Sources say she was admitted to hospital after suffering a brain stroke on November 1. After multiple heart attacks, she died on November 20.

Aindrila’s simple smile and sweet spirit will be forever etched in the hearts of her fans. Let us remember the brave soldier today and look back on her outstanding work in Tollywood that will be with us for many years to come.

A Look Back At Late Bengali Actress Aindrila SharmaSerial To Films, A Look Back At Late Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma's Works

Jhumur – 2017

Many Aindrila lovers don’t know that Jhumur, her debut Bengali serial, was the actress’ first foray into the entertainment business. Born in Berhampore Murshidabad, the actress had always dreamed of becoming an actress. Jhumur was Aindrila’s dream come true. The serial was also where Aindrila met Sabyasachi, the actor who would become her love.

Jibon Jyoti 2018

Aindrila’s fame has been greatly helped by Star Jalsha’s Jibon Jyoti television serial. Aindrila played the role of Jyoti, a moralistic and honest martial artist. Aindrila had to go through intense training and was praised for her performance. Aindrila’s acting and expressions made a lasting impression, despite the show only being on TV for a short time.

Jiyon Kathi – 2019

Aindrila was first known for her role as actress in Jiyon Kathi which aired on Sun Bangla. Aindrila’s role as Jahnabi chatterjee, starring Joy Kumar Mukherjee was also prominent. She was portrayed in the serial as a strong female character, who is able to overcome any obstacles and odds that may come her way, just like her real life.

Aindrila was then diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her lungs. She received chemotherapy and rigorous treatment. Everyone was amazed at Aindrila’s determination to continue her work after her initial treatment.

Love Cafe – 2019

Aindrila made her acting debut in director Sujit Kumar Paul’s Love Cafe. Aindrila played Anamika, a passionate and devoted romantic. Her charisma and bubbly personality won hearts. Hritojeet Chapothyay was also featured in the film as Aindrila’s love interest.

Aindrila Sharma made special appearances on television and films, as well as in many Bengali reality shows such as Didi Number 1 hosted by Rachana Banerjee, and the cult show Dadagiri hosted by Sourav Ganguly, a former cricketer. She shared her story of cancer with the audience, and she even talked about how Sabyasachi has been a constant support during her difficult times.

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