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Which Sharingan Does Itachi Have? 9 Other Question About His Anime Character Dojustu



Itachi Sharingan

With the help of his Sharingan Itachi proven to be one of the hardest shinobi. Take a look at these often asked questions about his outstanding dojutsu.

The shonen genre is rife with unforgettable personalities, and Itachi Uchiha is one of them. He may not be Naruto’s main character, but he’s not far behind in terms of fan adoration. Even better, a sizable portion of the fanbase favours him to the main cast—and for good reason.

Which Sharingan Does Itachi Have? 9 Other Question

Itachi Sharingan

Itachi’s combat prowess is nothing to laugh at, regardless of his character. He is a shinobi who has been officially recognized as a genius, and those who can compete with him are few and far between. His dojutsu—the Sharingan—can be credited in part for his reputed prowess. In particular, Itachi’s mastery of his dojutsu cemented his place as one of the most recognizable Uchiha clan members.

What Kind of Sharingan Does Itachi Possess?

Itachi had already mastered his Mangekyo Sharingan, a more powerful variation of the famous Sharingan, by the time he fell. There have only been a few people who have unlocked it so far, with Itachi being one of the most renowned.

This Sharingan is unlike any other vanilla Sharingan you’ve ever seen. Its talents can propel its bearer to the pinnacles of the ninja world.

When did Itachi have his Sharingan unlocked?

Being the genius that he is, Itachi developed his dojutsu at a young age. He had reached what could be considered as a life-changing milestone for the average Uchiha at the age of eight.

Furthermore, Itachi not only awakened it at such a young age, but he also mastered it. When he’s that visible, it’s only natural that he’d be enlisted in the Anbu elite unit.

Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan: How Did He Unlock It?

Sharingan is a dojutsu that is strongly associated with bad feelings. To unlock either form, one must be exposed to a highly frightening traumatic incident, the severity of which varies depending on the individual.

Itachi had accomplished this when he witnessed the death of his comrade Shisui Uchiha firsthand. To activate the Mangekyo Sharingan, a trauma of at least that magnitude is required—preferably, seeing the end of a close comrade.

What does Itachi’s left eye store in terms of abilities?

Itachi is no longer with us. Mangekyo Sharingan keeps Tsukuyomi, a cutting-edge genjutsu technique capable of bringing even the most powerful shinobi to their knees. Tsukuyomi is the highest rank in genjutsu, and it is considered to represent the Spiritual World and the darkest extremities.

Itachi is the only known Uchiha who knows how to use this technique, proving his genius level. He was able to one-shot the majority of his opponents.

What does Itachi’s right eye store in terms of abilities?

Amaterasu, the absolute depiction of “Material World and Light,” represents Tsukuyomi’s opposite side of the spectrum. With that said, Amaterasu is far from a radiant light technique (which is often synonymous with the “holy” attribute).

Amaterasu’s dark flames are reputed to be unquenchable—and for the most part, they are. Victims can kiss their lives goodbye once they’ve been hit.

Is Itachi’s Eternal Mangekyo Sharing Unlocked?

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is Sharingan’s final iteration and most powerful variation. Only two characters have been confirmed to have it in all 700 chapters of Naruto: Sasuke and Madara.

The awakening of Eternal Mangekyo Sharean is significantly more extreme than its predecessor. To evolve, one would need to integrate a close relative’s Mangekyo Sharean into their own. Itachi never received it during his lifetime.

What Was Itachi’s Reason for Giving Sasuke His Eyes?

Itachi donating his sight to Sasuke is one of the tragic hero’s innumerable sacrifices. Mangekyo Sharingan is a formidable dojutsu, but it has an inescapable downside. There are no exceptions to the rule that continuous use of the dojutsu will very probably result in irreversible blindness.

Only by transplanting a relative’s Mangekyo Sharingan on top of one’s own can one overcome this shortcoming.

What Were Itachi’s Susanoo’s Skills?

Susanoo is a powerful Sharingan ability that may only be accessed by people who have awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi’s Susanoo was naturally aroused when he learned advanced dojutsu.

Susanoo, Itachi’s character, has a few unique talents that make him nearly invincible. It has the Sword Of Totsuka for offence and the Yata Mirror for defense, which are at least mythological in grade.

How Does The Totsuka Sword Work?

Itachi’s Susanoo’s central assault ability is the Sword Of Totsuka. It’s a razor-sharp curved blade with unrivaled sealing qualities. It has only been used a few times in Itachi’s life.

Those who are subjected to the sword’s sealing abilities are stuck in “the World of Drunken Dream,” a genjutsu dimension. Even Orochimaru, the immortal shinobi, succumbed to it.

What Is the Yota Mirror and How Does It Work?

On the other hand, Susanoo’s absolute defense is crystallized in the Yota Mirror. The shield’s main strengths lie in its attack nullification, despite the fact that it is an ethereal shield with above-average endurance.

All chakra transitions are included in the Yata Mirror’s construction. As a result, the incoming assaults will be nullified by converting the shield’s own attributes to the opposite of the incoming attacks. Physical swords and psychic spears cannot penetrate this denial ability.

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