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Sister Christian Meaning : What Does It Means?



Sister Christian Meaning

Sister Christian Meaning: NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Night Ranger, who are currently on tour in support of their new album “High Road,” enjoys performing for their fans, who can’t get enough of their 1984 smash song “Sister Christian.”

Sister Christian Meaning

But who is the enigmatic Christian in the song?

Jack Blades, the band’s lead singer and bassist, explained who influenced Kelly Keagy’s songs.

“Christy is Kelly’s sister’s name, and he was composing a song about his little sister growing up in a small town in Oregon and riding up and down the street on a Friday or Saturday night, you know, motoring, stuff like that, but it was sister Christy.

We all thought it was Christian since he was singing’sister Christy oh the.’

Keagy clarified the situation, but it was too late: Christian simply sounded better to the rest of the band.

Guitarist Brad Gillis jumped in to clarify one lyric mistake.

“I’ve always been asked, ‘What does motoring mean?’ You know, what is ‘Motorin?’ It’s when you’re in your car.”

The song’s significance has also been disputed by fans.

“Is that about a nun who distributes marijuana to school kids?” a woman from Minnesota once questioned the band, according to the band. ‘Yes, ma’am,’ we said… “Never, ever, ever kill the dream.”

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