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Skai Jackson Leaked on Twitter and The Alleged Infidelity Scandal is Right Here



skai jackson leaked

Skai Jackson Leaked: is once again the poster girl for rumors. However, the charges are more severe than expected this time. Skai Jackson and Julez Smith’s (Beyonce’s nephew) separation was hinted at in a series of texts published on social media earlier this month, which has since become the buzz of the Internet. Everything you need to know about Skai Jackson’s leak and the alleged infidelity scandal is right here.

Skai Jackson Leak: How true are the rumours?

skai jackson leaked

Skai Jackson, a former Disney star, never shares personal life updates with her fans. Her purported relationship with Solange Knowles’ son Julez Smith, on the other hand, was one of the significant updates she preferred to keep under wraps. In reality, their connection was revealed after their split when a series of screenshots of abusive messages were shared on Twitter. The texts were apparently from a group chat in which Jules discussed his connection with his friends.

Julez’s communications suggested that the two were in a relationship, but he soon discovered she was cheating on him, prompting him to seek vengeance. Though it cannot be established whether the person behind the texts was Jules himself, Skai supporters have grown to despise him.

Skai Jackson is 18 years old, and Jules Smith is 16 years old, one of the rumors’ focal points. When someone brought up the same issue in the screenshots’ group chat, Julez replied, “age doesn’t matter.” As of now, no confirmation has been provided on the talks between the two parties.

However, the scenario on social media appears to be hinting at a variety of issues. Julez Smith Instagram was recently asked if he and Skai Jackson are still friends in a Q&A with friends on his Instagram storey, to which he bluntly said no.

Skai Jackson, on the other hand, has disabled her comments section and has been observed posting screenshots of mysterious phrases. Among all of this, an old photograph of the two posing in front of a mirror with Skai on Julez’s shoulder was discovered. This sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter, and they immediately rose to the top of the Twitter trends.

Following this, the worst-case scenario unfolded, with a purportedly intimate video of the two being leaked on the Internet. Skai’s fans have now come out in support, and citizens have been asked not to share or look up the video because the two are still too young to deal with the gravity of the issue.

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